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Named one of the Top 12 Wedding Photographers in New York City, Berit Bizjak is an award winning luxury wedding photographer with over 20 years of experience serving sophisticated couples in New York City and destinations worldwide.

France, Italy & Destination, New York City, New York, United States
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Bringing more than 20 years of professional experience to your day, Berit Bizjak is an award-winning master photographer documenting the pure poetry of your day. Through a combination of curated and raw moments, fantastic color, and refined artistry, you will feel right back in person reliving it all. About Berit Bizjak: What I've learned through more than 2 decades of shooting weddings, is that I am still much like I was from the beginning - a forever student with boundless love for photographing weddings. You’d think that after shooting more than 1,000 of them I’d be convinced I know it all, but there has not been a single year that I have not worked harder to learn more about my industry and further become a master of my craft. What I do know for certain is that you can’t throw anything at me that I can’t fix on the day of your wedding. Remote destinations and big cities like NYC are filled with a variety of lighting scenarios, crowds, and energy—and I know how to capitalize on all of it. I knew early on that creativity and photography was in my DNA. I simply see things differently than most and am captivated by evoking authentic expression and emotion through my work. I am inspired by cultural diversity and traditions, and believe strongly that love is love, as I whole heartedly support the LGBTQ2S+ communities. Wedding photography is the only service I offer because I deeply value the close-knit relationships between family and friends; coming together in celebration of a life-long bond between you and your partner. I’m willing to guess the same is true for you. I’ve done this for as long as I have because my work is my soul—and I’d be honored to visually share the story of yours on your wedding day.