Roey Yohai Studios

We are a small boutique photo studio based in Manhattan, serving customers in the States and around the world. We are known for our customer service, easygoing manner, and breathtaking documentary photography.

New York City, New York, United States
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Roey and Zoe own this boutique photo studio in Gramercy, New York. Roey has been photographing since his childhood, and has extensive documentary & photojournalistic experience from world travels as well as a 3-year stay at a newspaper in Washington DC. His work is featured widely in various wedding outlets. Zoe brings a refined stylistic sensibility to the studio, having studied at St. Martin's Academy in London, and is the head of quality control at the studio. In addition to Roey, the studio has two associates - David Alexander and Dan Tomei, as well as a videographer, Lazaros Calitsis. David has long experience in weddings in London and all over Europe - he brings a classic and beautiful vision to the weddings he covers. Dan has a fresh, modern eye and brings his midwestern charm and easygoing ways to his weddings, instantly putting everyone at ease and discreetly capturing great moments. Lazaros is a cinematographer with studies in London and New York, who documents in a low-key fashion blending in with the surroundings and creating magical movies for their clients. We would be happy to hear from you!