5 Simple Steps That Take You From Blah to Beautiful

Be ready in five with these quick beauty fixes!

5 Simple Steps That Take You From Blah to Beautiful

Photo: Samuel Lippke Studios

As your big day approaches and you’re dealing with dozens of details, it’s easy for your beauty needs to drop to the bottom of the list or fall off altogether. Luckily, this mishap can be readily remedied. Noemi Grupenmager, founder and CEO of Uni K Wax Centers, offers five simple steps to incorporate into your daily routine, as well day-of tips, to keep you looking as dazzling as the ring on your finger.

1. Polish Up: Be glowing and gorgeous in time for your wedding. For your face, use a gentle plant-seed based exfoliating cleanser to reveal smooth, radiant skin sans redness or irritation harsher products can cause. For the rest of your body, make a DIY scrub by combining one part coconut oil with two parts of granulated sugar. Apply in a circular motion, paying extra attention to knees and elbows, then rinse. Also, keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water with lemons and cucumbers. The vitamin C in lemons will purge toxins, while cucumbers will naturally moisturize your skin. For an added boost, apply a body balm infused with those same ingredients before you go to sleep.

2. Shape Your Brows: Get your brows groomed by a professional two to three days before your wedding. Not only will this give you enough time to adjust to your brow shape, but also provide the opportunity to get the pro’s advice on how to fill them in with a pencil or gel to nail your desired look. Perfect brows make the biggest difference in photos!

3. Wake Up Tired Eyes: If you need quick relief for tired, stressed-out eyes, I recommend applying moisturizing eye patches, as they immediately make the area look younger and relaxed. Fran Wilson Nourish My Eyes Pads are a favorite of mine. They feature a blend of natural green tea, cucumber, and chamomile extracts, to replenish puffy eyes.

4. Tame Tresses: For sleek strands in a sec, skip the oily serums and fly-away tamers and opt for styling hair tools that produce ionic heat – a proven frizz fighter. Ionic products lock in moisture, keeping your tresses resistant to breakage, which also gives you that coveted salon-quality shine.

5. Smile!: Although you may not have floss or a toothbrush at hand during your wedding celebration, there are still ways to combat smile sabotagers. Keep whitening gum and quick-dissolving mouthwash packets in your bridal clutch or beauty bag to lift surface stains and freshen breath anytime, anywhere.