Bridal Beauty Tips from Pro Surfer Bethany Hamilton

The "Soul Surfer" herself gives Inside Weddings her bridal beauty tips!

Bridal Beauty Tips from Pro Surfer Bethany Hamilton

Photo: Photographs courtesy of Bethany Hamilton

On a lush, Kauai estate, professional surfer and shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton took the plunge and married her boyfriend Adam Dirks. The bride, who was the inspiration for the 2011 movie Soul Surfer, kept her wedding-day style natural and beautiful. She wore a Lazaro gown and boasted a mane of beautiful, beachy waves. Here, she shares her secrets to looking and feeling great on the big day. 

1. I’m always out in the sun either surfing or exercising, so I’m a huge advocate for sun protection for your skin. To steer clear of sunburns and dehydrated skin – especially on your wedding day – my number one tip is to STAY HYDRATED – drink a TON of water. It’s also smart to use an organic, chemical-free moisturizer that has SPF, and to seek out shade whenever possible. Finally, don’t forget about lip balm to keep your lips hydrated. I’ve learned the hard way that chapped lips don’t hold lipstick well! 

2. In my opinion, the key to looking your best is feeling your best. This starts on the inside. To feel light, fit, and rejuvenated for your wedding day, focus on incorporating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into your meals. I personally love smoothies made with lots of greens and fresh fruit, and often add organic protein powder and raw honey for a little extra kick. On that note, skip the sugars of popular beverages and drink lots of water. 

3. While flawless skin is often a wedding-day priority, don’t forget about your hair! Since I’m always in the sun or salty ocean water, my hair needs a little extra TLC. Coconut oil is perfect for naturally conditioning and restoring the moisture in your hair. 

4. Wedding workouts don’t have to consume all of your time! On busy days, try to carve out 20 minutes to do core strengthening and toning exercises. While wall-sits are my least favorite exercise (they’re hard!), they’re my go-to move for tightening my core and toning my legs and glutes. 

5. There’s no doubt that you’ll be smiling A LOT on your big day. If you’re not confident with your smile, there are many great ways to improve it. I was treated with a comfortable line of braces that weren’t bulky or painful, Damon® Smile. Damon® Clear™ virtually invisible braces, can even be removed for your wedding and honeymoon and put back on after to finish treatment. My advice: invest in a smile that you’ll love to see in your wedding photos for years to come! Oh, and don’t forget about fresh breath – keep mints handy throughout the day. 

6. Finally, remember that it’s your special day and you’re going to be surrounded by people who love you the most. Enjoy it! 

Opening photographs courtesy of Bethany Hamilton's Instagram.