Bridal 'Dos That Complement Your Face Shape

Find out what hairstyle will frame your face and play up your beautiful features.

Bridal 'Dos That Complement Your Face Shape

Photo: Kristina Chartier

Putting together the smaller details of your wedding day can seem like an afterthought, but quite often, these decisions are key factors in creating the overall feel of your special day. One of the most important parts of this process is ensuring you look and feel your best when you walk down the aisle, and it can be overwhelming to make the plethora of choices you’re faced with when it comes to your bridal look. After you’re done with the big decisions, such as the dress and the veil, focus on the nuanced elements, including accessories, makeup concepts, and your hairstyle. If you’re stuck on where to start with your ‘do on the day of, begin with a design that you know will work well with the shape of your face. See the options below for styles that will complement your specific visage.

Oval. If you have a longer face with no sharp edges, you have a wide array of options for your bridal hairstyle. Looking for an updo? Try a mid- to low-level loose bun – if it’s too high, it will add unnecessary length to your head. If you want to go with a more polished look, try a sleek and tight ponytail, keeping the height in mind as well. Oval faces can work well with a variety of styles, including the addition of a wrap-around headpiece or a flower crown. For a hair-down style: waves and loose curls are your friends. They’ll give some width to your face and they’re simply lovely on any bride!

Round. Your sweet face will be beautifully accented by a more playful look. Updos should include a fair amount of stray hairs to frame your visage and elongate the face, and we recommend utilizing the “side-swept” trend to create an edgier feel – perhaps a high bun to create height, a small embellishment, and angled bangs. If you want to go the “down” route, don’t be afraid of a little bit of mess, as the “sophisticated bedhead” look is idyllic for you. Steer clear of any ultra-straight styles!

Square. You have a powerful face, so depending on your personal style, it’s time to play up your power or soften up your look. If you’re going for the latter option, curls and floral additions – whether your hair is up or down – are great ways to show off your feminine side. Play with center parts for down-dos, and don’t be afraid to straighten your longer locks to give yourself a shiny edge. Avoid anything that looks too tight – buns and ponytails – by instead accenting your bold visage with a braid or two. 

Heart. With a face that exemplifies the symbol for love, you can afford to get a little creative. We encourage you to explore your texture options – an angled cut with some layers would do wonders for a casual “down” hairstyle – as well as designs that provide volume for the bottom of your hair in the form of big waves. Consider side-based styles for your updos – buns, ponytails, and braids alike will balance out your face when concentrated on one side of your visage. 

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Opening photo by Kristina Chartier