Eye-Catching Makeup Tips

Celebrity makeup artist Carmindy helps ensure that your eyes have it on your wedding day.

Eye-Catching Makeup Tips

Photo: Yitzhak Dalal Photography

The best way for any bride to look amazing on her special day is to accentuate her best features and bring out her natural beauty. We’ve asked Carmindy, featured makeup artist on TLC’s popular show What Not To Wear, to share some tips on how to make your peepers pop on your wedding day.

Shimmery Shadows: "I love shadows in metal shades because they make a statement and are perfect for a special day. I especially recommend sheer powders for brides to keep it going strong while out on the dance floor. For paler skin, I recommend a golden shadow. Darker-skinned brides should look for a bronze eye shadow that will amp up the sultry factor. Brush on a thin layer across the entire upper lid."

Time to Shine: "To make eyes really sparkle, sweep on a dab of highlighter under the brow bone and on the inside corners of the eyes with a small brush."

Camera-Ready, Luscious Lashes: "On your big day you’ll surely want to bat your lashes. Sweep on a few coats of your favorite volumizing or lengthening mascara. If your lashes have begun to thin over time, like mine, you may also want to consider Latisse for fuller, darker lashes that will look great in photographs. Be sure to get a consultation with a dermatologist well in advance of the big day, however. A waterproof mascara is also a great go-to option for a bride who is worried about little black lines migrating down her face during those sentimental moments."

Finish the Canvas: "By now, you’ve got your eyes covered, but don’t neglect your brows! Brush them upwards with a brow brush and trim the strays with a pair of cuticle scissors. Fill in any gaps with an eyebrow pencil in a shade that matches your brows."

One parting thought: "Eyedrops are something that most people don’t think about, but are essential for the big day in case you get emotional and your eyes turn a little red."

Opening photograph by Yitzhak Dalal Photography