Freshen Up Your Beauty Routine Before the Big Day

Thinking of renewing your beauty regimen? These choices are great for brides, bridesmaids, and moms, too!

Freshen Up Your Beauty Routine Before the Big Day

Photo: Inside Weddings

The Fresh® Pasadena Store

The editors at Inside Weddings strive to provide you with the best in beauty tips, so this week we took some time to meet with the Fresh® team at their new store in Pasadena, California. The Fresh® brand is committed to providing products which involve natural ingredients, rich textures, and blissful scents. They like to refer to it as a "sensorial experience" – and that's just what we got out of our visit!

We took the opportunity to speak with the manager and discuss what's best for a bride to use the week preceding her wedding day and then customized the gift set below with what we think are five of the best recommendations.

1) Every bride needs a soothing bath as a time-out from all the planning (and we know how difficult the last-minute details can be), so we opted to include the Sake Bath, which is a special soak specifically used for its detoxifying ingredients.

2) We included a Petit Soap for two reasons: A) it smelled great and seemed so bridal-like with its magical gardenia scent and B) it is vegetable based and boasts powerful shea-butter moisturizers.

3) We also selected The Original Brown Sugar Body Polish – an essential to exfoliate and reveal new, bright skin for the big day. You should try to use it a couple of times in the week leading up to the wedding.

4) The Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask is an excellent treatment that can make skin immediately feel soft, firm, and even healthier. Who doesn't want that before a day of pictures?

5) Finally, we finished off our custom gift set with the Sugar Rose Extreme Tinted Lip Treatment with SPF 15, which is a nourishing balm enriched with rose oil and just a hint of a rosy tint. 

Fresh® Custom Bridal Gift Set

Fresh® stores also offer pampering parties, which is an excellent treat for the bridal party leading up to the special day. A group can go for a quick getaway to learn beauty tricks, test out products, and ask skin-related questions in an intimate setting. 

Fresh Store Shelf

Sensorial Bar

Sensorial Bar

While we were in-store thinking of brides and bridesmaids, many people had begun shopping for Mother's Day, so we were able to see firsthand what an experience was like at "The Gift Bar." Setup like a custom gift-wrapping area, staff members remove price tags, neatly tuck away the chosen products, and seal it all in a box with matching ribbon and gift tag. The below items seemed to be some of shoppers' favorite picks.

Fresh Lip Sugar

Fresh Face Masks

Fresh Oval Soaps

There is even a Love Bar (the name made us smile) that is meant for clients who want to send a shoutout (or "Love Tag") to someone who needs a little extra lovin'. You are encouraged to share a photo of your written note with the company using a dedicated hashtag.  

Fresh Love Bar

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