How to Handle a Sunburn Right Before Your Wedding

The only redness on your face should be from blushing!

Even if school days are behind you, summer is still considered a joyful time filled with warm days and wild nights. It’s no surprise that it’s still the most popular season to get married. The problem is if you accidentally spend too much time in the sun before your big day, you might wind up with a nasty sunburn when you walk down the aisle. Obviously, prevention is the best course of action – for both your health and your looks – but we understand that accidents can happen. If you missed a spot when applying your sunscreen or didn’t realize the bottle that’s been in the back of your medicine cabinet for years had expired, here are some tips for dealing with the aftermath so you don’t look like a lobster on your wedding day. 

how to deal with a sunburn right before your wedding
Photo by Marissa Maharaj; Planning & Design by Geller Events

As soon as you realize you have a sunburn, start moisturizing immediately. Aloe vera is the popular choice for a reason, but if you don’t have any on hand, start off using a heavy lotion until you can get some. Moisturizers with Vitamin C or E are your best bets. Apply it constantly – not only can this help reduce redness, but it will make you physically feel better and prevent unsightly (and unhealthy) peeling. It’s also important to hydrate, although you should be drinking plenty of water in the lead up to your wedding anyway. Over-the-counter pain medication can occasionally help with inflammation as well. 

If the day arrives and you still have redness, it’s time to rely on makeup – this goes for grooms too! It’s a good idea to give your makeup artist at least a day’s notice, in case they need to bring additional product for coverage. As piling on layers upon layers of foundation is rarely a good call, color corrector will be your best friend. If combined with a primer, all the better! Green is the best choice to cover redness, unless your sunburn is so bad that it’s closer to a purple hue, in which case yellow may be a better option. If the makeup is on your back, chest, or arms, don’t forget a setting spray so the foundation and/or concealer doesn’t get on your dress!

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier