How to Have Safe Eyelash or Eyebrow Extensions

Get advice from a professional about this hot trend in beauty.

How to Have Safe Eyelash or Eyebrow Extensions

Photo: Haring Photography

Full eyebrows are one of the biggest beauty trends seen in recent years, and fully, flirty eyelashes are always popular. Thus it is not a surprise that extensions for both have become an in-demand service, especially for brides. However, there can be side effects and risk of infections, so it’s important to do your research.

We spoke to Mandy Jacobellis – aka Makeup Mandy – whose LAshXⓇ line and eyelash extensions make her popular with celebrities on the red carpet. Before getting these services done, be sure to read the tips below. 

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Photo by Haring Photography

Inside Weddings: How long before one's wedding should you get extensions done?

Mandy Jacobellis: Make sure you aren’t getting lash extensions the day before your wedding. You want plenty of time to get used to them and to adjust the look and style if needed. Waiting a few weeks before a wedding, destination wedding, and honeymoon will help ensure they are perfect and comfortable. 

IW: Are there separate risks to eyelash extensions versus eyebrow extensions?

MJ: If you go to a properly certified artist/professional, the risks are very slim for both services. When done correctly, lash extensions will actually protect your real lashes, which is an added bonus. The biggest risks are going to someone who isn't technically savvy or someone who uses poor-quality products. Most eye issues actually occur because of the client’s lack of aftercare. Poor lash care can lead to bacteria, mites, and sties if not done properly. Lash cleansing is a must! The LAshX Cleanser is a gentle lash extension-safe product. 

IW: What should you look for when choosing a stylist?

MJ: First and foremost, check out their Instagram account! If the client’s eyes aren’t red in the photos, it’s a good sign they are legit! Also make sure the lashes look natural and not loaded on. Also, when choosing an artist, ask them who certified them, how long they have been doing it, and what products they use. Remember: if prices are too low, there is a reason! Quality adhesives are expensive but well worth it. 

IW: What are some safety measures to take in order to avoid the dangers that can come with eyelash extensions?

MJ: Thoroughly vet the salon or artist. Ask what brand they use and where they trained. Do an allergy test, which involves application of a few lashes on each eye. There should not be a fee for this and it must be done at least 24 hours before your service to see the results. The allergy test is the perfect chance stay clear of allergic reactions. Make sure you are also educated on how to clean the lashes and go home with a proper lash cleanse. Baby shampoo is NOT a lash friendly option.

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