How to Maintain Your Wedding-Day Makeup

A few tips on how to preserve your beautiful look throughout the big day.

It’s your wedding day and you have a million things on your mind: one of those thoughts being how to ensure your makeup lasts from the moment you say “I do” through your grand exit with your new spouse. Whether you’re an aficionado or have never applied anything other than mascara, the hustle and bustle of the day can make you forget to touch up any imperfections. Your photographer is going to capture each moment of your celebration, and you’ll want to look back at the pictures with fond memories knowing that the whole day, including your makeup, was idyllic. These pictures and memories will last a lifetime, but your lipstick and eyeliner will not. Although finances are an important factor in any wedding, you don’t need expensive products or a celebrity makeup artist to maintain a fresh face throughout the day.

bride in white robe getting makeup done before wedding, how to make sure bridal makeup lasts throughout the day
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Here are just a few tips on how to best sustain your bridal look, for you and your makeup artist:

The first step to preserving your makeup, especially for a hectic day as your wedding, is primer. This ensures that your foundation and eye shadow will stick to your skin and not be absorbed so quickly. It will also allow the rest of your products to apply and blend evenly for a perfected sheen. Regardless if you have oily or dry skin, primer is a key ingredient for brides of all skin types. Be sure to apply it before anything else because this small detail will make a huge difference.

After looking in the mirror and admiring the amazing job you or the beautician has done, you must apply setting spray after your makeup is complete. Just as your hairstylist will spray your completed ‘do, your makeup artist should give you a few spritzes of this this product as the finishing touch. There is going to be a lot of activity throughout the day, and the last thing you want is for your eye shadow or contour to smear. Its use further ensures that your makeup will glow in photographs and stay intact for hours.

Although we wish it wouldn’t, even perfectly applied makeup eventually fades. Primer and setting spray can prolong this process so that you don’t have to constantly reapply your products, but it is a good idea to carry a few cosmetics with you throughout the day. The two types that are most commonly kept on hand are lipstick and powder. You’re going to be talking a lot, kissing your sweetheart, and eating a delicious meal, so bring your lipstick with you to reapply whenever it smudges. Powder will also remove any unwanted shine in your face, so it would also be wise to bring this if you want to maintain a matte appearance.

These tips can be applied for any bridal look from dramatic to neutral. Wear what makes you comfortable and what you feel is most necessary for your special day.

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Authored by: Keeanna Garcia