How to Stay Healthy While Planning Your Wedding

Use these helpful suggestions to be your best self while wedding planning.

How to Stay Healthy While Planning Your Wedding

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how to stay healthy while wedding planning

Wedding planning is a busy and stressful time. As many people know all too well, times of stress lead to times of illness and unhealthy habits. While dramatic weight loss is not advised before your celebration, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be in your best shape for the big day – not to mention no one wants to deal with a cold or the flu on their wedding. Even getting sick while in the planning stages can seriously impede your planning process. Imagine doing your cake tasting while you have a sinus infection. It suddenly seems less fun, right? And as important as your physical health is before the wedding, your mental health may be even more important.

The cliché of overly demanding brides is the result of the stress people are under when planning one of the most important events of their lives. To help you stay at your best while wedding planning, we have curated a list of tips to ensure you stay healthy:

- Delegate tasks when possible so you don’t become overwhelmed. Just be sure not to guilt-trip anyone into helping you. If you have the means, a wedding planner can be a lifesaver in this regard.

- Exercise three to five times per week. Even a quick 15-minute workout will help to reduce stress while improving your energy and concentration. High-intensity workouts come recommended for those trying to tone their muscles, but going to a yin yoga class will also relax your body and mind.

- Though it’s easier said than done, eating right is crucial during this time. Don’t skip meals to try to lose weight. Instead, go for lean proteins paired with fruits and vegetables that are high in water to keep you hydrated. Bring healthy snacks to work so you can resist the tempting candy jar.

- Try to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. Spend at least a half an hour before bed not doing any wedding planning to help clear your mind. There are even apps to help with meditation if you can’t stop your thoughts from racing.

- Be sure to take your vitamins. Vitamins A and C are especially helpful for your immune system, as are garlic supplements.

- Drink lots of water – it’s even good for your skin!

- Make sure to do a non-wedding related activity once a week, whether with your sweetheart, some friends, or even a calming bubble bath by yourself.

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