Makeup & Bridal Beauty Tips for Fall Weddings

How to execute a gorgeous autumn bridal look.

See some of our beauty ideas for fall weddings, below!

wedding photo of bride getting ready in white lace robe putting on pink lipstick lip gloss
Photo: Alexandria Monette Photography

Over the last several years, fall has become an increasingly popular time for weddings. Though the temperatures might drop and some favorite flowers may not be in season, couples can often be inspired by the rich, colorful hues of autumn and also start to feel the festive spirit of the holidays approaching. If you are considering an autumn celebration, don’t feel you need to follow a certain bridal look – you’ll still want to feel your very best on the special day, and if that means a bohemian, braided style in the middle of a chilly November, so be it.

bride with dark moody fall wedding makeup

Photo by Lindsay Adler Photography

See some of our beauty ideas for fall weddings, below!

Hairstyle. A sleek side bun is always a chic hairstyle. Consider pairing your coiffure with a sparkling comb at the base for extra pizazz! Another timeless look we love – for long or shorter hair – are retro-inspired waves; for this style, a glistening headband or blusher veil looks great.

Lipstick. Burgundy and berry hues are extremely popular for fall lips on the red carpet, and brides tend to follow this trend. These shades also complement a rustic or vintage wedding theme. However, definitely don’t feel limited to dark lip-color choices. Neutral shades, such as taupe or peach, are beautiful beauty accents for a fall bridal look. Since long-lasting lipsticks/glosses are popular, be sure to try on your desired product and wear it for an entire day prior to your wedding. You’ll want to see how it works for you; for example, does it start to crumble or get dry as the hours pass? What happens when you drink a beverage? Do you need to reapply often?

Eye makeup. First you should decide if you want a natural look or a glam version of yourself. This will determine the direction of your eye makeup, which is prime real estate on your face!

You might opt for a soft appearance with nude colors in a few different shades, along with light eyeliner – especially if you have decided on a dark or vibrant lip. In the other direction is a smoldering style with a smokey eye and bold eyeliner and glamorous lashes. For this style, a mauve lip gloss will be stunning! Consult with your makeup artist to make sure you achieve the exact look you envision. We absolutely recommend a trial session so there are no surprises on the big day.

Blush/bronzer. Yes, we realize that facial contouring with makeup is really popular; however, be sure a professional will be applying it or you have practiced many times to achieve your desired look. Bronzers and highlighters are beautiful touches, but beware – the wrong choice in color or too many brush strokes can result in disastrous photos because of how light will reflect on your face.

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