Sensational Signature Scents from Engagement to Honeymoon

Explore idyllic perfume scents that will expertly match each event in your wedding.

Sensational Signature Scents from Engagement to Honeymoon

Photo: Honey Honey Photography

Putting together the perfect ensemble for life’s big events is typically an experience best described as “a healthy combination of exciting and stressful.” Pulling pieces that work with each other – as well as make you feel more confident – is a fun process, but it has a tendency to make us question every single clothing purchase we’ve ever made. However, when you’re finally all clothed, one of the most relaxing finishing touches to include in your get-up is a spritz of perfume.

From your engagement party to your honeymoon, you’ll likely have a similar experience picking out your ensembles for each wedding milestone. Luckily, Pinrose has compiled a list of the perfect scents to include in your outfit for every event based on the atmosphere you’re trying to create. 

Engagement Party

Merry Maker - Be radiant as the sun with friends and family at your engagement party with this refreshing nectarine blend.

Bridal Shower 

Tambourine Dreamer - Exude effortless elegance during your bridal shower with this avant-garde bouquet of white lily.

Bachelorette Party

Wild Child - Unleash your inner troublemaker during your bachelorette soirée with this flirty blend of jasmine and gardenia.

Wedding - Pinrose

Pinrose - Captivate your nearest and dearest on your big day with this unexpected rose-and-leather blend.


Gilded Fox - This cocoa and buttered-rum potion is best worn with a barely there, come-hither stare on your honeymoon.

In addition to their playful perfume bottles, Pinrose also has Parfum-A-Go-Go sets – essentially, perfume-soaked soft tissues – perfect for when you need to take a small sample of your chosen scent to go or in your honeymoon carry-on bag!

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Photos courtesy of Pinrose