Summer Beauty Series: Honeymoon Favorites

Our summer beauty series continues with products to pack for your honeymoon!

Summer Beauty Series: Honeymoon Favorites

Photo: Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography

Welcoming the summer season, we’ve picked out our favorite beauty products for your wedding day, honeymoon, and every day after in our three-part Summer Beauty Series!

Part two of our blog series features products that should be packed tightly into your honeymoon suitcase! With products including after-sun care creams, a decadent shower scrub, and a romantic bath soak, we love how these items use the best natural ingredients and offer a range of soothing scents. Whether you’re darting off to a tropical location or hitting the slopes, rest assured these products will keep you looking and feeling fresh.

FarmHouse Fresh Coconut Beach Shea Sugar Scrub blends shea butter, vitamin E, coconut water, apricot powder, and sugar to create a delightful scrub with a refreshing pineapple-coconut scent. Use it on your honeymoon to keep your skin smooth and fresh or indulge in a mini tropical vacation in the comfort of your own home! $34/12 fl oz.;

Karin Herzog Oxygen Sun allows brides to prolong their natural tans after sunbathing along earth’s most beautiful beaches on honeymoon vacations. In addition to your favorite UV protection, apply the product before and after sun exposure. This tan-perfecting cream preps skin from head to toe prior to sun exposure to deliver even color results and hydrates, nourishes, and restores distressed post-sun skin. $55/5.2 fl oz.;

Peppermint Lip Balm by Love Nature NYC heals, sooths, and moisturizes lips with its mix of all-natural ingredients including cocoa butter, avocado oil, mango butter, and peppermint essential oil. After a long day of applying a lip balm with SPF protection while engaging in island activities, rejuvenate your lips with this refreshing balm. $8;

Clairvoyant Beauty's French Clay Mask and Cleanser act together to sooth skin after exposure to excess moisture in humid air, a common weather characteristic in honeymoon destinations. The cleanser acts to gently cleanse pores and eliminate excess oil while the mask works to detoxify and soften the skin giving your skin a natural and flawless toned finish. With refreshing scents and therapeutic properties, this beauty duo is a must-have set to beat the heat with clear complexion. French Clay Cleanser with DMAE $32, French Clay Mask with DMAE $30;

Yon-Ka Paris LAIT APRES-SOLEIL provides a light and soothing after-sun milk to apply to skin following sun exposure. Regenerating vitamin A and soothing properties repair the skin on your face and body to sustain a youthful and fresh appearance after a long day of sun exposure. The regenerating and repairing after-sun milk is suitable for all skin types and features essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, and thyme to sooth your entire body. $45/ 150 ml tube;

Neuma neuStyling Smoothing Crème fights frizzy hair with its humidity-resistant formula, ideal for use in moisture-rich tropical areas. The smoothing styling cream locks in moisture and delivers a weightless shine while also protecting hair color with the brand’s technology. Applied to wet or dry hair, the sunflower seed oil, green-tea leaf extract, apricot kernel oil, and rose hips fruit extract work together to deliver incredible results. $23/6.8 fl oz.;

FarmHouse Fresh Clementine Soak offers a luxurious sparkling bath soak with the sweet summer fragrance of clementine nectar. Diminish the damaging effects of the sun and moisturize your skin with shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E, and various oils including olive, orange peel, jojoba, sunflower, soybean, apricot kernel, and grape seed. Take a break from your honeymoon itinerary and experience the delights of relaxation in a romantic and sweet-smelling bath. $20/7.3 fl oz. glass bottle;

Sand Gone is an amazing dry powder that when applied to sandy parts of your body, removes the sand leaving your skin soft and smooth. Made with all-natural ingredients with a hint of coconut fragrance; a must for Beachgoers. $12.95/8 fl oz.;

Opening photograph by Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography