Tips for Picking Your Wedding-Day Perfume

Make sure the scent triggers amazing memories for years to come.

Of all the decisions that go into your wedding, picking a perfume probably doesn’t seem particularly important, right? Well, considering smell is the sense most strongly associated with memory, you may want to put some thought into the choice. Even if you have a signature scent, you may want to consider forgoing it for the wedding – then on special occasions such as anniversaries you can spritz it on, so you and your spouse can be flooded with the memories of your special day. 

how to choose the right perfume for your wedding day
Photo by Brooke Images

Even though the most important thing about your overall bridal ensemble is that you feel great in it, this is one instance where you should get an opinion from your sweetheart. You don’t want your wedding perfume to be a smell that wrinkles their nose or reminds them of their mother or grandmother! When shopping, keep in mind that you don’t want to pick a fragrance that’s drastically different from your normal go-to for a perfume – even though you want something new, you should still smell like you. Think of it like your wedding-day makeup: you don’t want to look like a different person, just a nicer version of how you normally look. 

Unless you plan to reapply throughout the day, look for a perfume with a higher content of oil instead of water – these scents tend to last longer. While on your search for the perfect fragrance, be sure to actually test it on your skin to get the true aroma, and don’t wear anything scented while shopping! It can take an hour for the alcohol to evaporate from your skin; so don’t purchase anything right away.

Perhaps most importantly, don’t select a fragrance until you know what your bridal bouquet will consist of. The floral arrangement may have a strong scent, and you want to make sure it is complemented by the perfume, so check that it has a note of one of the main blossoms in your bouquet – such as roses, for example.

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier