Wedding Wellness: Tips to De-Stress While Planning

Discover five ways to help your body and calm your mind.

Some brides are exhilarated by the engagement period and planning their wedding, while others might find the process to be stressful and wish they could just skip ahead to the big day. Similarly, some brides feel calm and relaxed the morning of their nuptials, while others are filled with nerves – even if they don’t have cold feet. Planning events and standing in front of a crowd isn’t for everyone, and while eloping is an option, it may not be the right solution for you. If you are worried about stress and nerves leading up to your wedding, these wellness tips may be beneficial, allowing you to stay cool, calm, and collected throughout the planning process. 

couple posing for their engagement photos, woman in red dress, man in pinstriped suit
Photo by Collin Pierson Photography

- Yoga. Not only is it a form of exercise that will help you tone up for the big day, but yoga can also ease your mind. Try to include restorative poses in your practice, which can be as simple as lying back with your legs up the wall. 

- Meditation. While you may not be able to completely clear your mind, taking a minimum of five minutes a day to visualize and focus on a mantra can help ease anxiety or stress that comes with a too-full to-do list. 

- Breathing exercises. This can pair well with yoga and/or meditation, and depending on the breathing technique, you can give yourself a boost of energy or help yourself relax. Different methods are meant for different issues, so you should be sure to research the right one for you. 

- Meal plan. Usually this will mean you’re eating healthier, but it also has the benefit of being a time saver when you have vendors to research and DIY tasks to complete after work. 

- Stay hydrated. Nothing helps your skin and overall health quite like hydration. In addition to drinking plenty of water, eat water-rich foods (such as spinach) for better absorption. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier