Which Bridal Manicure Style Is Right for You?

Use your wedding theme to pick your polish.

Which Bridal Manicure Style Is Right for You?

Photo: Duke Photography

Though for some, a manicure is a standard part of their self-care routine, many women don’t spend much time worrying about their nails. Oftentimes, that changes after getting engaged, when so many people – friends, family, even strangers – are focused on your hands so they can gush over your new ring. Keeping your nails done throughout an engagement may be unrealistic, but even the most low-maintenance bride will likely invest in a manicure for her wedding day. There was a time where women had very limited options in regards to nail polish, but with the popularity of nail art, brides can have just about every look imaginable. Of course, a plethora of options can be overwhelming, which is why we find it useful to tailor your manicure to the overall style of your wedding.

finding the perfect nail polish bridal manicure for your wedding style theme

Photo by Duke Photography; Planning & Design by Tessa Lyn Events

See our suggestions below:

Brides who love a timeless style are most likely to stick with soft, traditional looks such as a French manicure or a pale blush color. Sometimes a shimmer will be included, as long as it’s subtle. Try "Madame Est Nue," a barely pink hue from Christian Louboutin.

The accent nail trend seems to be on its way out. Elegant almond-shaped nails with a rich color are having their moment, as well as mixing different textures such as matte and glitter. For a shimmering look, consider "This Magic Moment" – a glitter-finish polish by Deborah Lippmann.

Neutral shades and shorter nails will perfectly complement the laid-back feeling of a barn wedding. Lace details can help your nails still feel fancy and feminine without clashing with the general vibe of the day. The "Incognito" shade by Dior is perfectly neutral and laid-back.

These types of weddings are where glitter and metallic polish shines – literally! Nails are likely either worn long or given a boost with high-quality acrylics. In lieu of sparkles, a classic red could be used for brides with a glam style that leans towards Old Hollywood. To get this look, consider "Poison Apple" by Marc Jacobs Beauty for a bold candy-apple red.

There are a few different routes a bohemian bride may choose to take. Bright colors that match the blossoms in your flower crown are always a crowd pleaser, but earth tones that reflect nature similarly allude to your style. Some brides may even go with a hip ombré manicure to combine these looks together! "Bruton Mews" from Nails Inc. is a forest green that will blend beautifully with the greenery that surrounds your celebration.