7 Stylish Wedding Shoe Options for Grooms

Picking shoes that fit their personalities will have grooms strutting throughout their big days.

7 Stylish Wedding Shoe Options for Grooms

Men's Attire
Photo: Bénédicte Verley Photography

Brides aren’t the only ones who should have fun with the shoes they’ll wear on their wedding days. Grooms can also add a spring to their steps by expressing their personalities and tastes through their footwear.

Embellishments, colors, materials, and styles are all important details to consider before making your selection! Get inspired with this collection of wedding images from some of our fashionable grooms. Click on each image to gather more information on these real wedding events!

1. Studded

Studs are all the rage! The collection of black, silver, and gold studs covering the shoes of Jason McCourty – NFL cornerback for the Tennessee Titans – certainly lend a striking, unexpected edge to his attire. Photo by McLellan Style

2. Neutral Tones

These tan wingtip shoes walk that fine line between formal and casual that make them perfect for a country-club summer wedding. Consider neutral tones for rustic or alfresco celebrations. Photo by Cassi Claire Photography

3. Navy Blue

If they lean toward darker hues, grooms shouldn't feel limited to donning black footwear. Take the opportunity to use stunning color as an accent to your ensemble or to complement it, as did this groom who paired these stylish shoes to match his midnight blue tuxedo. Photo by Bob & Dawn Davis Photography

4. Monogrammed

Monograms are popular wedding features. For his elegant nuptials at The Breakers in Florida, this groom took a different approach by embellishing his wedding shoes with his personal monogram. Photo by Donna Newman Photography

5. Velvet

Grooms should explore their options beyond leather in the material of their footwear. This sumptuous pair was composed of ebony velvet and accented with silver details. Photo by Christine Bentley Photography

6. Classic Patent Leather

With their sophisticated glossy finish, patent-leather dress shoes are a handsome perennial favorite for grooms and groomsmen. Photo by Maria Angela Photography

7. Sneakers

If dress shoes don't appeal to the groom and his groomsmen, do some research. Grooms can find stylish sneaker alternatives that will still fit the aesthetic of their nuptials, like the gents at this spring wedding at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar. Photo by Paul Barnett Photographer

Make sure to also consider the location of your nuptials when selecting footwear. For example, these canvas slip-ons suited not only the groom's and groomsmen's light tan slacks, but the beach setting on the Big Island of Hawaii as well. Photo by Stewart Pinsky Photography

We would love to know what unique footwear your groom is considering, so don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments section!

Opening photo by Bénédicte Verley Photography

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