8 Dress-Shopping Tips for Pregnant Brides

It may be a little tougher, but don't get discouraged!

8 Dress-Shopping Tips for Pregnant Brides

Photo: Maya Myers Photography

shopping for a wedding dress while pregnant

When a bride is pregnant while planning her wedding, whether the pregnancy occurred before or after the proposal, one of the biggest obstacles is the bridal gown. Some women decide to push up the date in order to tie the knot before the baby bump is visible, while others choose to postpone or even select a date after the child is born. Other brides embrace the evidence of their upcoming motherhood – particularly if the pregnancy was planned – and host their vow exchange in the second or third trimester, usually the original date set over a year ago. Whatever choice is made, there are different difficulties when searching for a wedding dress, particularly if a bride doesn’t want to be stuck with limited maternity options. If you are about to embark on this journey, congratulations on both your future wedding and impending motherhood! We hope the below tips will make the process easier. 

- Make sure the bridal shop will have proper sample sizes for you to try on.
- If the wedding will happen after the baby is born, try to do your shopping after giving birth. Even if you lose the weight, your body will most likely be different. If your due date is less than six months before your wedding, rush fees might not even be enough to help you. In that case, try to shop early on in your pregnancy and order in a larger size just in case.

- Empire waist is always useful to hide a baby bump, but don’t be afraid to highlight it either. Just pick a fabric that has a bit of stretch to it, rather than stiff satin or taffeta.

- Generally, one inch should be added to your measurement for every month you are pregnant. Of course, that’s not a hard-and-fast rule. Every body is different! Remember that it’s easier to alter a gown to be smaller than it is to make it bigger. 

- Choose shoes carefully! Your feet will be bigger and you aren’t going to want to break out the sky-high stilettos. 
- Dresses that highlight your shoulders and neckline tend to be the most flattering.

- When electing to show off your baby bump, be sure to have a final fitting the week before the wedding.

- Select your seamstress carefully. Ask if they have experience altering dresses for pregnant women.

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Opening photo by Maya Myers Photography