9 Delightful Ring Bearers Too Cute to Resist

See the tiny attendants who almost stole the show.

9 Delightful Ring Bearers Too Cute to Resist

Photo: Yitzhak Dalal Photography

Not to be outdone by flower girls in the “adorable” category, ring bearers bring their own special blend of comical innocence and dapper distinction to a wedding ceremony. Whether sporting miniaturized tuxedos or slightly oversized suit jackets and ties, these young gentlemen seem to know innately how to steal the show when the spotlight is on them. Depending on their age, many ring bearers aren’t even required to “walk” down the aisle with their precious cargo so much as enjoy the ride from the back of a decorated wagon or behind the wheel of a custom built antique toy car. Take a look at a few of our favorite future heartthrobs for some inspiration as to how to best present your pint-sized pal for his V.I.P. moment.

Hoffmann Photographer

Paul Barnett Photographer

Asgeir Bollason

Annabel Braithwaite & Dorthée Brand

Robert Evans Photography

Kirstin Shultz

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Melissa Mermin

Opening photograph by Yitzhak Dalal Photography