A Blend of Contemporary & Timeless Gowns by Pronovias 2016

Smooth crepe and romantic lace offer designs for both modern and traditional brides.

A Blend of Contemporary & Timeless Gowns by Pronovias 2016

Photo: Dan Lecca

Modern and traditional aesthetics combine in the 2016 Pronovias collection – sometimes, in the same dress! The collection includes simple, yet elegant, crepe designs, lace-embellished gowns, and a few dresses that utilize both crepe and lace to create a unique hybrid of classic and new. Modest lace creations then give way to sexy designs with sheer cutouts.

The crepe designs include the effortless short-sleeved "Valeria," another short-sleeved design, "Irune," which features gemstones on the sleeves, and the sexy "Vania" with long sleeves and subtle lace appliqués. Gowns then begin to include more lace elements, like the lace bodices and crepe skirts of "Prunelle" and "Vicenta." Perhaps the most literal combination can be found in "Veda," which uses crepe to form the right side of the gown and lace to form the left side. Full-fledged lace ensembles round out the rest of the collection in a variety of silhouettes, necklines, and sleeves. Discover this fascinating collection in the slideshow above!

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