Are Long or Short Bridesmaid Dresses Right for You?

Take a look at the benefits of each style.

Are Long or Short Bridesmaid Dresses Right for You?

Photo: Kelly Kollar Photography

One of the toughest parts of wedding planning is selecting bridesmaid dresses, since you want to match your vision, but you also want to please everyone! While the rising popularity of mismatched bridesmaid dresses has certainly made the decision-making process easier, there are still a number of factors to consider.

With colors, you probably already have two or three hues you know you’ll be using in the wedding, and can work from there. Length, however, is something brides tend to go back and forth on. Choosing between long and short dresses can depend on the season and location of your wedding, the theme, the self-confidence level of your bridesmaids, and even the height range of all your girls.

We’ve listed the benefits of both long, chic, and classic gowns as well as short, fun, and flirty frocks. Take a look and see which style applies the most to your bridesmaids and your wedding!

Bride with bridesmaids in long dresses in New York City

Photography by Christian Oth Studio

Long Bridesmaid Dresses:

- Often seen as the more elegant option, floor-length gowns tend to be a better fit for formal weddings.
- With covered-up legs, self-conscious bridesmaids won’t have to worry about pale or scarred legs.  
- Long chiffon dresses are popular choices that look lovely in any setting.
- Since their shoes won’t show, bridesmaids can wear what they feel comfortable in.
- If you know one of your girls will be in her second or third trimester, she will probably feel more comfortable in a longer dress. 

bride with bridesmaids in blue short bridesmaids dresses

Photography by Kelly Kollar Photography

Short Bridesmaid Dresses: 

- Shorter styles are usually more versatile and easier to wear again.
- If you’re having a summer wedding outdoors, your bridesmaids will appreciate a nice breeze on their bare legs.
- A wider variety of fabrics typically work better with shorter dresses, so different styles and options can be selected for greater personalization.
- Shoe lovers can make footwear a bigger part of their outfit since they'll be seen. Country-chic weddings often choose to highlight cowboy boots in this way.
- If there’s a large disparity in the height of your 'maids, short dresses may be more flattering. Petite women may feel they drown in a long gown, while statuesque bridesmaids may not be able to order extra length in every style.

If you don’t have a strong vision, be sure to ask your bridesmaids’ their opinions. After all, they are the ones who will be wearing the dresses, but ultimately, the decision is up to you! For inspiration, view more bridesmaid gowns in our photo galleries!