Behind the Scenes with Claire Pettibone

The famous designer discusses what drives her beautiful bridal looks.

Behind the Scenes with Claire Pettibone

Today's Editor's Circle spotlight features wedding dress designer, Claire Pettibone. Claire’s dresses have been described as feminine, romantic, and enchanting. She is inspired by vintage fabrics and fashion history, but keeps her designs modern by playing with shades of champagne and blush in addition to the traditional white, and by featuring embellishments such as embroidery, silk flowers, crystals, and antique lace. Her flagship salon is located in Los Angeles but her dresses are sold throughout the country. Enjoy getting to know Claire a little better through our Q&A and photographs of a few of her bridal gowns.

How old were you when you began your profession? I began sketching bridal gowns when I was 5 years old!

What’s the most outrageous request you have ever received from a bride? A client wanted a particular wine served at all of her fittings… it happened to be from Australia, and not distributed in the U.S.! Impossible (and I think illegal) to import, so we found a wonderful California wine that met with her approval!

What’s your favorite aspect of a wedding? The magic of seeing the bride make her entrance for her walk down the aisle. The mixture of nervousness, anticipation, and the emotion of what this day means combined with the beauty of the bride always brings me to tears.

What other industry would you be in if not this one? I can’t imagine anything else! I do bake a good pie, and my husband makes some wicked chicken wings…

What famous wedding in history would you have most liked to work on and why? A wedding that sadly never happened: Romeo & Juliet. What a lovely bride she would have made… I can just see her in a flowing gown with sweet flowers and delicate embellishments. The ultimate romantic wedding!