Bridal Stylist Maradee Wahl on Choosing a Veil – or Not!

Maradee Wahl of Dear Maradee shares tips on wedding-day fashion accessories for brides.

How do you decide on bridal accessories including the option of a veil or not? Maradee is here to help.

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Editors Circle member and bridal stylist Maradee Wahl has been sharing her styling advice for Inside Weddings brides the past few months, and we took to our Instagram audience to gather more questions for her to answer on the subject of bridal fashion. This week, she's answering a question often talked about amongst brides-to-be: should you wear a veil on your wedding day? 

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Dear Maradee,

How do you decide on bridal accessories including the option of a veil or not?! I'm so torn!

Cassie (@thecassiegene)


Dear Cassie,

Putting together the entire bridal look, especially trying on veils, will transport you from the initial fantasy of a dress-up shopping trip to the emotional reality; "I'm getting married!!”

Two brides wearing the same gown can look completely different depending on the style of accessories they choose, so the first step is determining what type of bride you want to be on your wedding day.

Are you classic, modern, fashion, vintage, or bohemian in your everyday vibe? This is not the time to experiment; stick with your personal style, so you will feel like your own most beautiful self. This also ensures you will love your wedding pictures for many years to come!

If you know you want a veil and your gown designer offers a coordinating ensemble style, it should be ordered at the same time you commit to the gown, so the color and detail is an exact match. Otherwise, I recommend waiting on this decision until your first alteration appointment, so you can consider your wedding-day look while in your actual gown.

Plan to wear a version of your wedding-day hairstyle or coordinate the first fitting around a hair trial. Your hairstylist can help to define the exact look, but at least consider if you envision your hair up, down, or something in between.

Now... to veil or not to veil? In all my years of working with brides, many have said they did not want to wear a veil, but only a few went without a veil on the wedding day. One of my past brides tried on several options and was convinced she wouldn't want a veil, but showed up at my boutique the morning of the wedding. I cautiously asked if everything was okay, and she replied, "You were right; I do want a veil after all!!" She realized the veil makes a statement that "today is a day unlike any other in my lifetime."

To blush or not to blush? This is the layer that covers your face as you walk down the aisle. Although wearing a blusher is an age-old tradition, I do not consider it old-fashioned. It’s quite romantic!

If you are still unsure a veil is the look is for you, consider a cut edge veil without trim. This clean style works with every gown, and frames the silhouette without becoming too much of the focus. Also, a veil that is worn on the top of your head will appear much fuller than one worn on the back of your head, so experiment with the placement to achieve the look you like. If you do choose to wear a blusher, the veil should sit on the top of your head, so the layers fall softly over your face.

One last note; be sure the veil is the exact color of your gown! There are a few subtle shades of ivory that seems the same, but outside on a bright sunny day, it will be obvious if the colors don't match.

The ideal veil will frame your gown and complete the look, without competing. No one part of your bridal look should be the focus; the bride herself is the focus!

Once you determine to veil or not to veil, you can consider the other bridal accessories... stay tuned!

Happy Styling!


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