Charm Bracelet Favorites for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid jewelry that works like a charm.

Charm Bracelet Favorites for Bridesmaids

Photo: Courtesy of KumKum

Charm bracelets began as a fashionable way to wear amulets for warding off bad luck, and later progressed as a place to display tokens of life's milestones. Today, however, the iconic jewelry has become a chic style in and of itself, and one that we think would make a particularly special gift for your bridesmaids. With endless options available, this accessory can be tailored to reflect your specific theme, color, or motif, ensuring your ladies will never forget the momentous occasion it represents. We found a few images of bridal parties and matched them to the bracelet we deemed most appropriate for their event, just to show you some examples of the myriad of options.

Pictured above: "X Collection" ring pendant charm bracelet by KumKum, $615

Beach Wedding

"Sealife" charm bracelet by Misaki, $145; Bridesmaid photograph by Stewart Pinsky Photograhy

Black & White

"Madison Ave" charm bracelet by Misaki, $285; Bridesmaid photograph by Nancy Cohn and Lauren Ross Photography

Classic Elegance

18K gold charm bracelet in croco pattern by Hellmuth, $5,000 (depending on number of charms); Bridesmaid photograph by Sherman Chu Photograhy

Something Blue

Polki lotus turquoise bracelet by Isharya, $290; Bridesmaid photograph by Yitzhak Dalal Photograhy