Customize Your Bridesmaid Style by Wtoo Bridesmaids 2016

Convertible straps allow your girls to show off their own tastes.

Customize Your Bridesmaid Style by Wtoo Bridesmaids 2016

Photo: Courtesy of Watters

Every bridesmaid loves to stand out, so if you're able to choose dresses that allow your girls to show off their own styles, they'll be even happier to help you walk down the aisle. The 2016 bridesmaids collection by Wtoo offers draped, flowing dresses with straps that can be worn multiple ways – ideal for 'maids with different body types. The various designs also offer a range of exposed skin, so ladies who wish to cover up will still match those who want to be just a bit bare.

The first style features a V-neck bodice, with straps that are knotted behind the shoulders and flutter delicately behind the back; a cheerful bow completes the look. The second style is similar to the first – but with just one strap to create a one-shouldered gown. The third dress style boasts a deeper V-neck and straps that are criss-crossed in the back, wrapped around the waist, and knotted in the back. Finally, a gown with a silver, floral-patterned bodice and flowing skirt can be worn two ways: strapless with a sweetheart neckline, or with straps and a V-neck.

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