Galactic-Inspired Gowns from THEIA Spring 2017

Explore new styles that evoke the night sky with the designer's latest bridal collection.

Galactic-Inspired Gowns from THEIA Spring 2017

Photo: Courtesy of THEIA

The offbeat spring 2017 collection from THEIA was inspired completely by a particular underwater photograph by Rafal Makiela, wherein a figure shrouded in white has plunged through the surface. The image conjures up ideas of time travel and the distant future – where pure white lights are consistently shining. THEIA also looked to the late David Bowie as an influence, making the collection somewhat galactic and quirky. Gowns are adorned with quartz crystals, and fractal patterns appear in the embroidery. According to THEIA, the collection is a celebration of timeless love with the bride at its epicenter.

Unique styles include “Aura” – a galatic blue silk lamé jacquard gown with ruffles, “Venus” – a white crystal and sequin starlight-embroidered gown, and “Mercury” – a hand-embroidered, powdered silver-glazed sequin gown. For these styles and more, check out the slideshow above.

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