Gowns Inspired by the Four Seasons from Claire Pettibone Fall 2017

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter never looked so beautiful and bridal than in this new collection.

Gowns Inspired by the Four Seasons from Claire Pettibone Fall 2017

Photo: Courtesy of Claire Pettibone

When a bridal designer has a distinct vision of inspiration, they have to see it through. Claire Pettibone had the idea to create a collection based on the four seasons long ago, and she was finally able to debut the final product at New York Bridal Fashion Week this fall. From Claire herself: “Creating four looks to epitomize the season they represent, while maintaining the versatility to be worn by brides for any time of year, was a really interesting project. I was able to immerse myself in the beauty of nature, and delve into the variety of color, texture, and motifs that have been painted by artists, sung and written about, and even worshiped, over the history of mankind.”

Amongst this new collection, brides can find an array of striking, seasonal styles, including “Maia,” a colorful A-line gown with pastel embroidery and a high illusion neckline for spring, “Solstice,” an elegant sheath dress with organza inlays and intricate detailing for fall, and “Snow,” a modified A-line ensemble featuring ivory lace appliqués for winter. To see these designs and more, flip through the gallery above.

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