Groom's Inspiration: Alternative Tuxedo & Suit Colors

Grooms and groomsmen from real weddings show off their navy, grey, and white tuxedos.

Groom's Inspiration: Alternative Tuxedo & Suit Colors

Photo: Kristen Weaver Photography

When most envision a wedding, a few staple elements come to mind: the bride in a white gown, coordinating bridesmaid dresses, and a groom in a stylish black tuxedo. Of course, as time has gone on, traditional wedding attire has evolved to include a wider variety of styles and colors, giving couples more opportunities to personalize their nuptials. Brides don’t always have to be in white – or in a huge, fluffy dress, for that matter – and bridesmaids don’t have to wear identical frocks. Similarly, grooms and groomsmen have more choices when it comes to their day-of ensembles.

Though some men prefer the classic black tuxedo and bow tie, others want to mix things up and incorporate more of their personal style into their outfits. Some grooms elect to wear an entirely different color and/or style from the rest of their groomsmen, while others select offbeat hues for their entire entourage. Regardless of the reasoning, alternative tuxedo colors are an interesting, eye-catching trend that lends itself to further coordination between attire and motif.

Check out some of the untraditional styles worn by grooms and groomsmen from real weddings below for inspiration, and don’t forget to follow Inside Weddings on Pinterest for additional wedding ideas!

Photo by Willa Kveta Photography

Photo by Kristen Weaver Photography

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