How to Change Your Reception Look Without Changing Your Dress

Embrace all the facets of your style!

There are plenty of other ways to alter your bridal style for the reception or after-party while still wearing the same wedding dress.

Photo: Ether & Smith

It’s become so popular to change into a reception dress for the wedding that in the case of celebrities, it’s almost expected! There are a lot of benefits to wearing a second gown, such as being able to go classic for the vow exchange and then switching to a more comfortable style in order to tear up the dance floor; however, it’s not the right choice for every bride.

Whether two dresses simply aren’t in your budget or you love your bridal gown so much that you want to wear it as long as possible, there is certainly nothing wrong with sticking to wearing one dress for the whole event. That being said, you may still want to change your look between the ceremony and reception (or after-party!) in order to signify that the party has begun. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to alter your bridal style while still wearing the same wedding dress. Read on to get ideas for your big day. 

- A detachable overskirt.

This may be a little cheat in terms of not wearing a new dress, but it technically counts! Whether they are two separate pieces or the gown comes with the bonus skirt, this allows you to have a ball gown or A-line at the ceremony, then remove it for a slimmer style at the reception. 

- New hair accessories.

Most brides do not wear their veils for the reception, especially as cathedral veils remain the most popular choice. When you remove the veil, add a flower crown, jeweled clip, or another fun accessory to subtly switch up your look. 

- Comfortable shoes.

Serena Williams changed into crystal-encrusted tennis shoes for her reception, and while you may not be a superstar athlete, you can still change into shoes that fit your personality and will be more comfortable while dancing.  

- Playful jewelry.

Classic pearls or diamonds may feel right for the ceremony, but you can let loose with more colorful or edgier pieces during the reception. 

- Let your hair down.

Or put it up! No matter how you styled your hair for the ceremony, changing it for the reception is sure to catch the attention of your guests. 

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