How to Get Your Mom to Agree on Your Wedding Dress

It can be tough if she doesn't like it.

Even for those with a close bond, the relationship between mother and daughter can be fraught. Many times this strongly comes across when shopping for the daughter’s wedding dress. Given the generation gap and even something as simple as different taste, a bride may hope her mom gets emotional when she finds “the one” only to discover her mom doesn’t even like the dress. This is especially tough in situations where your mother is paying for your bridal gown, but even if you’re buying your own dress, you may wish your mom had a different reaction. The good news is there are ways to turn her opinion around; particularly if you will have multiple dress shopping appointments. 
what to do if your mom doesn't like your wedding dress

Photo by The Hickenloopers

Here are some ways to ensure your mother likes your wedding dress:

- Add a veil. This is a classic move by bridal consultants in order to convince an indecisive bride or sway the entourage. Pairing a veil with the dress helps make the situation more real and causes moms to see their daughters as brides.

- Consider an overskirt. Most often, the visions of a mother and daughter don’t match because the bride pictures something fitted while the mother imagines her little girl as Cinderella. If a fuller skirt isn’t a complete deal breaker, a tulle overskirt for the ceremony can be a good compromise.

- Try on her pick. For one, it’s always good to check out a different style. Many women wind up with a dress completely different than what they expected. However, even if you don’t love it, your mom will appreciate getting a moment to see you the way she imagined you as a bride. There’s even a chance she’ll realize it’s just not the gown for you.

- Express yourself. In many cases, once your mom realizes this is the dress you really love, she will come around and try to see the good in it.

- Realize it likely won’t matter. When your wedding day arrives, your mom probably won’t be thinking about the fact that she wasn’t in love with your gown; she will just notice how beautiful you look. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier