How to Know When You've Found Your Dream Dress

Find out when it's time to stop shopping and commit to a gown.

How to Know When You've Found Your Dream Dress

Photo: Dmitri and Sandra Photography

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Shopping for a bridal gown is often considered the most fun and exciting part of wedding planning, but it can also be overwhelming. With so many gorgeous dresses out there, it can feel impossible to know when you’ve found the right one. After all, even if you try on a dress you love, there’s still that thought that an even more beautiful gown is out there somewhere. In a way, it’s similar to finding the love of your life. If you’re happy and in love, do you not commit to marriage because there might be a better option elsewhere? We’re guessing not, otherwise you wouldn’t be shopping for a wedding dress! But that’s why it’s important to know when you have found that bridal gown that’s just perfect for you, so you don’t end up settling and daydreaming about the one that got away.

Below are 10 signs that you have found your dream dress: 

- Other gowns haven’t made you (or your shopping entourage) cry, but this one has you tearing up.  
- You feel both beautiful and comfortable in it.
- We all know that the dress you’ve pinned a hundred times might end up unflattering once you wear it, but if you can’t stop thinking about a gown or looking at the photos of it even after trying it on, that might be the one.
- You find yourself tempted to show your sweetheart the dress, even if you’ve always intended to keep it a surprise.
- When you imagine walking down the aisle, this is the gown you picture.
- The stars all seem to align – it’s on sale, there’s a sample in perfect condition and in your size, you find it on the one day your sister is able to fly in, etc.
- Your best friend doesn’t love the dress, but you don’t even care.
- You still feel like yourself wearing it, just extra glamorous.
- After trying on other gowns, you just want to put the one you love back on.
- The idea of wearing anything else to your wedding is unfathomable. 

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Opening photo by Dmitri and Sandra Photography; Consulting by Unveiled Hawaii