How to Know You've Found Your Wedding Dress

Not everyone will get that special feeling when they put on their future bridal gown.

A bride finding her wedding dress is such a magical moment that there is a multi-series franchise based on the concept. Of course, because of this some women find themselves torn by indecision because they don’t have “the moment” when trying on bridal gowns. For those who feel the dress is “the one” the instant they turn around in the mirror, there is no need for a checklist to help figure out if it’s the gown they should purchase. For everyone else, however, we offer some guidance to help make the decision clearer. 

how to know you've found your wedding dress
Photo courtesy of Mallory Dawn Photography; Planning & Design by Mindy Weiss Party Consultants; Venue: Vibiana

- Other opinions don’t bother you. Instead of eliminating the dress because someone in your group didn’t like it, you rationalize away their objections. 

- It feels as good as it looks. Obviously it’s important that you look good and feel confident in your bridal gown, but it needs to be comfortable as well. While it’s unlikely your wedding dress will be as cozy as a sweatshirt and yoga pants, it should be something that you can sit and dance in, without anything that pinches or irritates your skin.

- It’s in budget. Maybe your true dream dress is still out there, but if it is way out of your price range, you might have to just accept that. There is nothing wrong with choosing the best dress you can afford – there are beautiful gowns at every price point. 

- It fits with your day. You can adjust your décor a bit to help a specific dress complement a venue or season, but some styles are just more suited for certain locations and vibes. 

- Nothing you’ve tried since is better. If you didn’t get “that feeling” when trying your dress on, you probably tried others after. When nothing else can compare, it might be time to make your peace with the fact that you aren’t one of those lucky brides to know the instant you see the gown. And that’s okay!

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier