Inside "The Gilded Age" Fall/Winter Collection by Claire Pettibone

Browse the vintage-inspired bridal gowns in the designer's latest collection.

Inside "The Gilded Age" Fall/Winter Collection by Claire Pettibone

Photo: Courtesy of Claire Pettibone

Journey back to an era of opulence, exuberance, and extravagance with Claire Pettibone's lastest collection, The Gilded Age.

"Diamonds, pearls, and gold in all its lovely hues. Precious silks, laces, and embroideries are sure to feel right at home in the grandest salon. Encompassing the imagination and artistry of a bygone era, alluding to a dream world where beauty reigns. The aesthetic is always feminine and decidedly romantic," says the designer. Metallic embroidery brings an antique richness, as seen on the "Asscher" gown's gold lace neckline and the "Sinclair" style's silver heart embroidered tulle. Alluding to the Victorian era's appreciation of flowers, floral motifs are featured in several designs, from "Lillian," a sleeveless gown with rose velvet embroidery and a pink ribbon belt, to the blue and green floral embroidery of "Bijoux." Light touches of aquamarine also add color to the collection in the form of sheer laces, pearl embroidery, and forget-me-not details.

In classic Claire Pettibone style, brides will find just as much detailing on the back as on the front. A particular standout is "Caroline," which features antique blue embroidery over a sheer back. Ribbons, pearls, lace trains, and scalloped hemlines provide the finishing touches on the gowns in this dreamy collection. Discover each design in the slideshow above, and see the designer's engagement ring collection here!