Romantic & Whimsical Gowns from Isabelle Armstrong Spring 2019

Embrace feminine strength with the new collection.

Romantic & Whimsical Gowns from Isabelle Armstrong Spring 2019

Photo: Courtesy of Isabelle Armstrong

It's not easy to strike the balance between soft and strong, but this season, Remy Quinones, the CEO and Creative Director of Isabelle Armstrong, manged to do so effortlessly during her intimate presentation. The mood of the collection was set immediately as a gaggle of models were all in pastel-colored wigs and modeling against a pretty pink wall.

For her feminine side, Quinones jumped right into frilly confections, such as an intricate lace corset and soft ball gown that was exquisite. Among all the romantic and whimsical gowns, there were a few tailored dresses, such as a drop-waist silk faille ball gown, that were refined and sophisticated. See the gowns from Isabelle Armstrong's spring 2019 collection in the slideshow above. 

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