Sexy, Sparkling Bridal Gowns by Berta Fall 2018

See the Israeli designer's new line of glamorous sheer gowns.

Sexy, Sparkling Bridal Gowns by Berta Fall 2018

Photo: Mike Colón

Berta Balilti, the Israeli designer behind the Berta label, is known for her sexy and glamorous gowns, and for the fall 2018 season, she did not disappoint her fans. Berta focuses on elevated craftsmanship as each gown has ornate and beautiful embellishments, as well as plenty of sparkle and shine. Each piece, which showcased her signature silhouettes, is a varied mix of exquisite fabrics and handcrafted embroideries.

The transparency trend is still going strong as Balilti strategically placed embroideries on each gown leaving very little to the imagination. It's important for a designer to stick to their signature looks, but it may be nice to also see the label go beyong the overtly sexy theme she does so well. See the styles from her fall 2018 collection in the slideshow above!

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Photos by Mike Colón