Soft, Romantic Gowns from Wtoo by Watters Spring 2017

The intricate looks were inspired by Fabregé eggs of the early 20th century.

Soft, Romantic Gowns from Wtoo by Watters Spring 2017

Photo: Courtesy of Watters

Titled the “From Europe, With Love” collection, the latest gowns from Wtoo by Watters are inspired by the beauty of Fabergé eggs. The iconic designs were created between 1885 and 1917 in Russia and were known for their elaborate colors and architecture. They were annual gifts from the Tsar to his wife, so Wtoo chose that spirit of love and commitment to bring the elements of the Fabergé eggs into the collection of bridal gowns, perfect for a detail-loving bride who is a true romantic. 

“’Marishka’ is inspired by the ‘Rose Trellis’ Fabergé egg, a token of love from Tsar Nicholas to his wife, Empress Alexandra, on Aprl 22, 1907,” explains Elias Gutierrez, the designer of Wtoo. “The body contouring cuts lines and trellis fabric and vining embroidery pay homage to the egg.” With lots of soft netting and tulle, the collection is filled with skirts that flow, paired elegantly with delicate lace bodices. See all of the gowns in the slideshow above!

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