Stunning Wedding Looks Inspired by the 1940s

Browse these beautiful bridal looks influenced by the '40s, including dresses, hair, shoes, and jewelry.

We greatly admire the ladies of the 1940s for their strength, resilience, and timeless fashion. If you're looking to get inspired by vintage trends, we recommend taking a look at these stunning examples influenced by '40s fashion!

Photo: Dalal Photography

It was a time of war, female empowerment, and bold fashion. The 1940s came before the blissful, apple-pie days of the '50s, but after the glitz and fervor of the '20s and '30s, making the decade imperative in the stabilization of the country. During the time, more women were working than ever before, and their sense of style reflected this newfound professionalism.

We greatly admire the ladies of the era for their strength, resilience, and timeless fashion. If you're looking to get inspired by vintage trends, we recommend taking a look at these stunning examples influenced by 1940s fashion:

Wedding Dresses
The glamorous 1940s put a lot of emphasis on a mix of modesty and understated femininity. Basing your wedding-day fashion on this delicate era means selecting sleeved gowns and A-line frames.

Alençon Lace Wedding Gown

That lace, the buttoned back, the train: this classic gown brings the bold style of the decade into the 21st century. Photo by Cassi Claire Photography

Ball Gown with Lace Sleeves

This bride channeled a whimsical essence with this classic, yet updated, look. Photo by Katelyn James Photography

Floral Lace Bridal Gown on Hanger

This mermaid-style garb incorporates all of the drama, grace, and charm of the time. Photo by Andi Diamond Photography

Custom Bridal Gown

The fabric of this gorgeous dress is reminiscent of popular women's fashion in the midst of wartime. Photo by Steve Smith Wedding Photography

Light, pinned-back curls were all the rage during this era of women entering the workforce whilst maintaining their feminine charm.

Bride with Glamorous Makeup & Hair

This bride chose soft curls swept back into an elegant updo that echoes the glamour of 1940s movie stars. Photo by KLK Photography

White Orchid Hair Accessory

This exquisite bridal bun inspires thoughts of women assisting the troops in Hawaii during the war. Photo by Nancy Cohn Photography

Bold Wedding-Day Look

This bold bride captured the perfect '40s coiffure: loose, balletic waves. Photo by Nancy Cohn Photography & Lauren and Abby Ross Weddings

Practicality and style married well in this exciting age: short heels, fashionable buckles, and light colors were incredibly popular.

Lace Bridal Shoes with Ankle Strap

Matching the intricacy of a bridal gown, these Monique Lhuillier shoes embody the poise and loveliness of a timeless woman. Photo by Maria Angela Photography

Lauren Kitt's Wedding Shoes

Sleek buckles on soft, pale leather make for an unrivaled subtly in your wedding-day aesthetic. Photo by Kris Kan

Brown Bridal Shoes with Bow

This pair is the picture of chic simplicity – perfect for the daring, vintage bride. Photo by Studio EMP

In a period with a great attention to the details, the rings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants of the time reflected a fitting refinement.

Diamond Earrings & Crystal Hair Comb

This antique-looking hair comb bedecked in crystals creates an old Hollywood feel. Photo by Caroline Tran

Deco Pearl Necklace

This long string of pearls is representative of the understated sensuality of the time. Photo by Images by Berit, Inc.

Bouquet Accent

To add a classic flair to your ensemble – or bouquet – brooches and pendants are ornate accessories indicative of the 1940s. Photo by Chris + Lynn Photographers

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