The Best Non-White Wedding Gowns of the Season

You'll desire a pop of color after seeing these vibrant, patterned designs!

The Best Non-White Wedding Gowns of the Season

Photo: Courtesy of Theia

Brides have been flocking to dress shops to select the perfect white wedding dress since Queen Victoria wore the shade to her nuptials in 1840. And while many women look forward to the day when they can walk down the aisle in a pristine eggshell-hued dress, rebellious brides may covet a gown in a unique, alternative shade.

Bridal designers regularly include soft pink, saturated blue, and even black gowns in their collections. Many celebrities, too, have shunned white in favor of colorful dresses, including Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and Jessica Biel (who chose pink), Amber Tamblyn (who opted for bright yellow), and Sarah Jessica Parker (who famously wore black to her ceremony). 

We've rounded up the best colorful gowns from the latest Spring 2016 collections in the slideshow above. You'll find blush, navy, and even floral dresses among this fashion-forward selection!