The Trouble with a Wedding Dress-Shopping Entourage

Discover how too many people can hinder your shopping experience.

The Trouble with a Wedding Dress-Shopping Entourage

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Shopping for a bridal gown is the highlight of many a bride’s wedding planning experience, as the dress is often the aspect most dreamily fantasized about when imagining the celebration. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the process is all fun and joy. Bridal appointments can be filled with stress, indecision, and even family drama. That’s why experts agree that brides should only bring two to three people when shopping. The bigger the entourage, the more opinions get offered, and the more likely that those opinions will clash, making it nearly impossible to come to a consensus.

For most women, the top choices to bring dress shopping would be their mother, sister, or a close friend. However, what’s most important is that you bring people you are comfortable with and at least one person who truly understands your style and respects what you want for the big day. Even a loving mother might be tempted to live vicariously through you, especially if she never had a dream wedding for herself.

Of course, sometimes family members and bridesmaids may be particularly insistent about being a part of the entourage to help pick out your gown. If that is the case, one trick is to go on a preliminary shopping trip either alone or with one close friend. This gives you a chance to narrow down your choices so your desires are clearer when you have a larger group with you. As a bonus, your shopping partner can clue everyone in when you’re about to try on the dress you know is The One. Another way to sidestep a larger party is by inviting more people to your fitting. Just be sure to have supportive people with you in case there’s anyone likely to make critical comments about a dress you have already purchased.

If you do find yourself at your bridal gown appointment with a gaggle of opinionated well-wishers for your first time shopping, don’t be afraid to go home empty-handed. Say you need to sleep on it or compare prices, and then come back at a later date… with fewer people.

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