Tony Ward Shares His Tips for Dressing the Mother of the Bride

The fashion designer shares his picks from the latest evening wear and couture lines.

Tony Ward Shares His Tips for Dressing the Mother of the Bride

Photo: Courtesy of Inside Weddings

This July, fashion designer Tony Ward showcased his new fall/winter collections at Panache Bridal in Beverly Hills – see more on Facebook Live! The bridal designer also creates gowns for the mother of the bride, and he took us on a tour of his evening wear and couture lines to showcase the different styles a mother of the bride might choose to wear. 

As Tony explains in the video above, different cultures and communities have different standards for what constitutes as acceptable attire for the mother of the bride to wear. For some, it is perfectly natural for the mother, as well as the grandmother and sisters, to wear white along with the bride as part of a celebration for the happy occasion. Of course, elsewhere such a choice is seen as taking away from the bride, and her mother would actively avoid white and blush. He explains that silver is much more common to see in Europe than it would be in the United States.

Tony does not believe that the mother of the bride should have to be modest and demure: “It should be over the top!” he exclaims. However, he also notes that brides want their moms to look elegant, and not too sexy. His strapless styles can have cap sleeves added if the mother is uncomfortable without straps, and overskirts and cape details provide more options. The most important thing, according to the designer, is that the mother can easily move around. After all, the wedding is a busy day for her!

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