5 Dazzling Diamond Cuts You May Not Know About

Look beyond the round brilliant-cut stone and get to know these unique styles.

5 Dazzling Diamond Cuts You May Not Know About

Photo: Ira Lippke Studios

The cut of a diamond – not to be confused with the shape – is the most important of the Four Cs, as the type and quality of the cut dictates the level of fire and sparkle the stone will cast. And while princess, emerald, radiant, and brilliant cuts are well known among the general population, there are several other exquisite alternatives you may not be aware of that could be your perfect match.

From vintage cuts dating back to the 16th century to modern cuts introduced as recently as 1999, we researched five stunning alternatives that can make your ring unique. Browse the images and information for each of them below, and see if your personal style aligns with one of these distinctive looks.

1. Ashoka®

Ashoka diamond cut like Reese Witherspoon

Only a handful of jewelers in the world offer the rare Ashoka®-cut diamond. The dazzling, patented cut was suddenly thrust into the consciousness of the nation when actress Reese Witherspoon was spotted with one on her engagement ring. Created by the legendary jeweler William Goldberg and named for a mythical, centuries-old diamond owned by a South Indian emperor, the Ashoka® diamond boasts 62 facets (versus the 57 of a brilliant-cut stone) in its elongated shape, and its gently rounded corners further distinguish it from other cuts. Photos courtesy of ashokadiamond.com

2. Cushion

Cushion cut diamond rings from Tacori

Originally designed to reflect candlelight to advantage before electric lights were a reality, the cushion cut is identifiable by its pillowy silhouette and gracefully curving corners that jewelers in the 1800s were able to achieve without the precise tools of today. The modern version – the “modified cushion cut” – has been adjusted to today’s lighting standards, but the original can still be found via vintage jewelers if your heart is set on a truly antique look. Photos courtesy of tacori.com

3. Hearts On Fire®

Hearts On Fire cut diamond rings

Using a proprietary cutting process that achieves perfect symmetry and alignment, Hearts On Fire diamonds are most distinguishable by the eight heart-shaped patterns of light that are visible within the facets. Designed to achieve maximum sparkle, the cutting is done under 100x magnification using proprietary tools and is limited to round- and square-shaped diamonds. Photos courtesy of heartsonfire.com

4. Lucida®

Lucida cut diamond from Tiffany & Co

Introduced in 1999 by Tiffany & Co. after decades of development, the Lucida® cut is exclusive to the famous jewelry house and draws its name from the label given to the brightest star in a constellation. Available in rectangular and square shapes with substantial corners, the Lucida® features a mix of step cuts for a pavilion-type shape, and brilliant-cut facets for sparkle. The look is exclusive as well as dazzling. Photos courtesy of Tiffany & Co. 

5. Rose

Rose cut diamond rings

Another vintage cutting style, the beautifully subtle and romantic rose cut is currently enjoying a resurgence. Dating all the way back to the 1500s, the cut is known for its inverted shape that starts with a flat-bottom base and rises to a single facet at the top of its dome-shaped crown. Popular in the Victorian era, the look is utterly unique against the sea of brilliant-cut round diamonds that dominate the bridal jewelry market, so consider a rose cut if you’re seeking an antique look and feel to your ring. Photos courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

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