Custom Engagement Rings With Personalized Origin Stories

Jeweler Vanessa Nicole offers clients a behind-the-scenes look at the crafting of their rings.

Custom Engagement Rings With Personalized Origin Stories

Photo: Vallentyne Photography

We can't decide which trend we love more – custom engagement rings, or capturing the customization process for posterity on video. While custom rings may not be a brand-new idea, more men are investing the time and creativity necessary to design a one-of-a-kind piece for the women they love. "A custom engagement ring guarantees that a bride will own and wear a work of art unlike any other in the world," asserts San Diego-based jeweler Vanessa Nicole. "It will be as unique as she is."

We reached out to Vanessa – who created the stunning custom engagement ring seen in the wedding of featured couple Christine Hunt and Rob Landis – for insight on customization, and she shared with us this video highlighting the entire process. Vanessa, who has been creating jewelry for over a decade, began documenting the development of each custom ring and including a Making of the Ring DVD with every purchase. The video captures the entire process from start to finish, and as the footage rolls, the purchaser can be heard in voiceover describing his love for his soon-to-be fiancée and what he’s looking forward to in their marriage. “Men love it,” Vanessa explains, “because it makes them look VERY thoughtful and romantic," – a pretty accurate reflection in our opinion.

Click here to see the sample video explaining the full customization process, and visit to view additional designs by Vanessa Nicole.

Opening photograph by Vallentyne Photography