How to Shop for Your Own Engagement Ring

More and more brides are helping pick their own rings. If you're one of them, read these tips.

Nowadays most couples discuss marriage for at least a few months before getting engaged, leaving only the “how” of the proposal as a surprise. As a result, couples regularly go engagement ring shopping together, at least during the early stages. Many hopeful grooms want to make sure their future bride loves the ring they will purchase, and browsing through rings as a pair is the most logical way to ensure her satisfaction, short of stalking her Pinterest page.

If you and your partner are engaged in all but name and you find yourself browsing the Internet for engagement ring photos, we have gathered tips for what to do on that first shopping trip.

Expand your horizons. Don’t just try on styles and cuts of rings that you have pinned. Much like with wedding dresses, you may find you don’t like a ring as much when it’s on your finger instead of in a photo. Similarly, a design you may have previously rejected could end up looking particularly flattering on you.

How does it feel? Some rings sit lower than others. If you use your hands frequently, or think you’ll worry too much about bumping it into things, you might want to avoid a ring you otherwise love if it sits too high.

A picture lasts longer. Make a deal with your partner that you will not purchase a ring the first time you go shopping. As long as the jewelry store is okay with it – which they usually are because they want you to come back – you should take plenty of pictures of each ring you like. Capture every angle and then go home and sleep on it. Look at the pictures again a day or two later and see if your opinions on each ring have stayed the same.

Remember the band. If you plan to wear a wedding band once you're married, try some of those on with your engagement ring as well, as that may affect your decision. But don't fret if you fall for a ring and can't find a band that pairs well – you can always have it custom-made before the wedding.

For more ring inspiration, take a peek at our photo gallery featuring engagement rings and wedding bands from real weddings!

Opening photo by Cassi Claire Photography

Authored by: Emily Lasnier