10 Small Wedding Details That Actually Matter

The little things you'll regret not having on your big day.

10 Small Wedding Details That Actually Matter

Photo: KLK Photography

Don't Skip These Wedding Details

Everyone knows wedding planning can be hectic and stressful. As the big day becomes more personal and intricate, the different projects and decisions can really pile up. When you’re spending hours debating napkin rings, it’s easy to wonder if any of these details actually make a difference in your or your guests’ experience. Honestly, in some cases it probably doesn’t. However, there are also plenty of elements that seem unnecessary, but you would miss if they weren’t there.

Generally, such aspects will fall into two categories: Will it make for better photos? Will it make life easier for the bridal party/guests? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then the detail is likely one worth keeping. But don’t worry, if you’re still not sure, we’ve thought it through and listed some examples below. If there’s something we’ve missed, let us know in the comments!

- They don't have to be personalized, but nice wooden hangers for your bridesmaids’ dresses will make a difference if you're including a photo of them suspended with your gown.
- Directions/signage at the ceremony and reception site. People really can get turned around and you want to make sure everyone knows where to go.
- Good lighting is key – fixtures add details while colorful uplighting quickly decorates a space.
- Provide, or at least organize, transportation for your bridal party if you all will be getting ready at a different location than the ceremony/reception.
- Gifts are easy to spot no matter what table they’re on, but you’ll want a card box to be clearly labeled. And if you have one anyway, you might as well have it fit your décor!
- Make sure you have a shot list for the photographer ­– don’t assume what you saw on Pinterest is a new industry standard.
- A fully detailed itinerary will help your vendors and bridal party throughout the day.
- Make the seating chart in a way that it’s easy and quick for guests to find their names. Alphabetical order is probably your best bet in this regard.
- Cover food for the bridal party while everyone is getting ready; you’re all likely to be there for hours before the ceremony. Take care of parking for them as well, if you get ready in a hotel suite and they are not staying there.  
- The guest book will bring you touching moments for years to come.

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