11 Gorgeous Handpicked Bouquets for Rustic, Bohemian Ceremonies

These beautiful bouquets appear to be plucked straight from the garden.

11 Gorgeous Handpicked Bouquets for Rustic, Bohemian Ceremonies

Photo: Ryan Ray Photography

The flowers you carry as you walk down the aisle are more than simply a pretty accessory. They represent the overall tone and style of your celebration, whether it's formal and sophisticated or casual and easy. If your wedding will feature relaxed styling, an outdoor venue, or rustic or bohemian flair, consider a handpicked or hand-tied bouquet. This type of arrangement is composed of a wide array of flowers and greenery, and is arranged loosely rather than sculpted into a perfect sphere. The result is a bouquet that feels as though it was picked right from the garden (although floral designers must still work hard to achieve an effortlessly beautiful look!). 

An advantage of these bouquets is that you can incorporate many different varieties of flowers, as well as other elements such as leaves, vines, succulents, and even charms. Flowers don't need to be the same color; feel free to use various shades of a single hue, a selection of three to four colors, or a rainbow assortment. Tie it all off with a beautiful ribbon or twine!

Click through the slideshow above to see examples of gorgeous handpicked bouquets. To choose the right bouquet for your wedding, read our guide on the seven most-popular types of bouquets, view these pretty peony bouquets, and take a look at some white arrangements that take our breath away.