14 Delicious Desserts to Serve at Your Wedding That Aren't Cake

Who needs cake when you have these creative, scrumptious sweets?

14 Delicious Desserts to Serve at Your Wedding That Aren't Cake

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Photo: Paul Barnett Photographer and Marc Royce

dessert tray
There's a small-but-mighty group of brides and grooms out there who don't like cake. Some find it too dry, others think it's too sweet – however baffling their beliefs are to cake enthusiasts, the idea of cutting the cake on their wedding day just doesn't excite them. Unfortunately, cake is the only traditional wedding dessert, so couples who decide against serving it have no clear dessert alternatives. What sweet treats can you serve guests that are so delicious they won't be wondering when the "real" dessert will be served?

Luckily, couples can get creative and have fun with their dessert selection without breaking the bank. It's as simple as ordering your favorite treats from your local bakery or putting together a candy "bar" featuring all of your favorite goodies. What's trending now: exotic spices and a wide selection of flavors! But remember that the more desserts you serve, the smaller the portions should be, so your guests are able to sample without feeling guilty (or getting too full!). And since desserts are served towards the end of the night when dancing and mingling is in full swing, consider offering them in a portable, easy-to-eat fashion; for example, sweets on sticks or in single-serving cups, so guests don't have to sit down and eat with a fork.

Even if you will be serving cake, we're seeing many couples embrace the idea of also offering creative "extra" desserts to satisfy everyone's taste buds. You really can never serve too many desserts! Discover how to design a beautiful, enticing dessert table, and get inspired by the sweet ideas below:

1. Ice Cream Cones
mini ice cream cones
Help guests cool off with refreshing ice cream cones featuring your favorite flavors! Serve them as small as possible to avoid any mess. Photo by Carasco Photography

2. Strawberry Shortcakes
strawberry shortcake
Fill scones with whipped cream and strawberries... Delicious! Photo by Vue Photography

3. Ice Cream Sandwiches
ice cream sandwiches
Sandwiches made from cookies and ice cream are two desserts in one! Photo by KingenSmith

4. Berry Tarts
berry tarts
Tantalizing fruit tarts are dainty and fresh – perfect for guests who aren't fans of chocolate! Photo by Marc Royce Photography

5. Blended Mochas
Energize and refresh the crowd with a delicious bit of caffeine served in a chilled shot glass and topped with whipped cream! Photo by KingenSmith

6. Chocolate Mousse and Cheesecake
chocolate mousse and cheesecake
Gorgeous layered mousse and slices of cheesecake are simply irresistible. Photo by Yogi Patel - Global Photography

7. Cookies and Milk
cookies and milk
You can't serve chocolate chip cookies without shooters of ice-cold milk! Photo by KingenSmith

8. Tres Leches Shots
tres leches
This Mexican treat is full of sweet, caramel flavor. Photo by Paul Barnett Photographer

9. Pie Pops
pie pops
Kids and adults alike will love snacking on pies-on-a-stick! These cuties are filled with chocolate ganache that everyone will love. Photo by Michael Segal Photography

10. French Pastries
saint amour
Set a luxurious tone with a selection of rich French desserts, like these tarts topped with profiteroles, fresh berries, and cream. Photo by Marc Royce Photography

11. Caramel Apples
caramel apple
Dress caramel apples in tuxedos for a festive, sweet snack. Photo by KingenSmith

12. Pecan Pies
pecan pies
Southern brides may find themselves torn between cake and pecan pie. Satisfy your craving with bite-size pies! Photo by Jen Yuson Photography

13. Milkshake + Cookies
milkshake with cookies
The presentation here is to die for, and the delicious combination of cookies and milkshakes couldn't be sweeter. Photo by KingenSmith

14. Candy Bar
pink candy bar
The candy bar trend took off a couple years ago and is still going strong. Fill glass jars of different sizes with your favorite candies and provide take-home boxes and bags for guests. Photo by Handeland Tesoro Photography

Opening photo by Yogi Patel - Global Photography