Delicious Desserts to Serve at Your Wedding That Aren't the Traditional Wedding Cake

Who needs wedding cake when you have these creative, scrumptious wedding dessert ideas at your dessert table?

Whether you and your spouse-to-be aren't fans of traditional wedding cakes, or you want to share additional wedding desserts with your wedding guests, we're sharing some popular wedding dessert ideas that your guests will love!

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Photo: Koman Photography

There's a small-but-mighty group of brides and grooms out there who don't like wedding cake. Some find it too dry, others think it's too sweet – however baffling their beliefs may be to wedding cake enthusiasts, the idea of cutting the traditional cake on their wedding day just doesn't excite them.

While cake is the only traditional wedding dessert, couples who decide against serving it have no clear dessert alternatives; however, this leaves them with many options for wedding desserts! What sweet treats can you serve guests that are so delicious they won't be wondering when the "real" dessert – cake – will be served?

Luckily, couples can get creative and have fun with their wedding dessert selection without breaking the bank. It's as simple as ordering your favorite treats from your local bakery or putting together a candy "bar" featuring all of your favorite goodies. Exotic spices and a wide selection of flavors are trending, so make sure you personalize your wedding dessert with your favorite flavors!

Keep in mind: the more wedding desserts you serve at your wedding celebration, the smaller the portions should be, so your guests are able to sample without feeling guilty about eating dessert (or getting too full!). And since wedding dessert options are typically served towards the end of the night when dancing and mingling is in full swing, consider offering your wedding dessert choices in a portable, easy-to-eat fashion; for example, sweets on sticks or in single-serving cups, so guests don't have to sit down and eat with a fork. You may even choose to offer some at cocktail hour.

For those who will be serving traditional wedding cake at the wedding reception, we're seeing many couples embrace the idea of also offering creative ways to serve "extra" wedding dessert items to satisfy everyone's taste buds at a dessert table in addition to a small cake. You really can never serve too many desserts at your wedding!

Discover how to design a beautiful, enticing dessert table, and be inspired by the sweet wedding dessert ideas that aren't wedding cake below:

1. Ice Cream Cones

mini ice cream cones wedding desserts wedding planning ideas

Help guests cool off with refreshing ice cream cones featuring your favorite flavors! Serve them as small as possible to avoid any mess – and be sure to have a number of flavor options, from favorites like vanilla ice cream to seasonal flavors to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth and provide a refreshing treat. Photo by Carasco Photography; From Real Wedding: Bride Wears Custom Ines Di Santo Gown at Glamorous Chicago Wedding

2. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

chocolate covered strawberries and mini key lime pies wedding desserts

For a romantic sweet treat, offer chocolate-dipped strawberries to your guests! You can even have them dipped in gold or a color of your choice to fit your theme – and be sure to offer a whipped-cream topping or chocolate fountain for extra sweetness. Photo by Elizabeth Messina; From Real Wedding: Spring Garden Wedding in Montecito, California

3. Ice Cream Sandwiches

chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches wedding desserts

Sandwiches made from cookies and ice cream are two desserts in one! Photo by Carasco Photography; From Real Wedding: Personalized Fairy-Tale Wedding with Fun Entertainment in Chicago

4. Berry Tarts

berry tarts wedding desserts at nikki sixx wedding

Tantalizing fruit tarts are dainty and fresh – perfect for guests who aren't fans of chocolate and prefer fresh fruit! Photo by Marc Royce Photography; From Real Wedding: Mötley Crüe Member Nikki Sixx's Marie Antoinette-Inspired Wedding

5. Blended Coffees + Mochas

milkshakes at wedding dessert

Energize and refresh the crowd with a delicious bit of caffeine served in a chilled shot glass and topped with whipped cream! Photo by KingenSmith; From Real Wedding: Chicago Private Club Wedding with Whimsical Details

6. Chocolate Mousse and Cheesecake

chocolate mousse triple layer and cheesecake

Gorgeous layered mousse and slices of cheesecake are simply irresistible. Consider offering mini cheesecakes for a bite-size dessert option! Photo by Yogi Patel - Global Photography; From Real Wedding: Indian Wedding with Vibrant Colors and Gorgeous Red Roses

7. Cookies and Milk

heart shape chocolate chip cookies and milk wedding desserts

You can't serve chocolate chip cookies without shooters of ice-cold milk! Photo by David Manning Photographer; Planning & Design by Tessa Lyn Events; From Real Wedding: Interfaith Ceremony + Tented Reception with Romantic Color Palette

8. Tres Leches Shots

tres leches wedding desserts destination wedding planning ideas

This Mexican treat is full of sweet, caramel flavor. Photo by Paul Barnett Photography; From Real Wedding: Oceanfront Ceremony + Sunset Reception in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

9. Pie Pops

Miniature Pie Pops in box rustic wedding ideas hand pies

Kids and adults alike will love snacking on pies-on-a-stick! These cuties are filled with chocolate ganache that everyone will love. Consider hand pies as another similar option – and consider serving different desserts alongside these mini desserts, such as cinnamon rolls, cake pops, a cupcake tower, peanut butter cups, or mini cheesecakes! Photo by Michael Segal Photography; From Real Wedding: Rustic-Elegant Wedding in Ojai Valley, California

10. French Pastries

saint amour french tarts fresh berries wedding desserts

Set a luxurious tone with a selection of rich French dessert options, like these fruit tarts topped with profiteroles, fresh berries, and cream. Couples may also consider incorporating crème brûlée into their wedding dessert menu, as well as a towering macaron tower or even pâte de fruit for bite-sized treats at your dessert buffet! Photo by Marc Royce Photography; From Real Wedding: Mötley Crüe Member Nikki Sixx's Marie Antoinette-Inspired Wedding

11. Caramel Apples

caramel apple glazed apples wedding desserts

Perfect for a winter or fall wedding, consider serving your loved ones caramel apples! Go for the full caramel apple treat, or offer guests slices of apples dipped in caramel or various dipping sauces for a bite-sized option. Be sure to provide napkins for this sticky treat – and consider dressing caramel apples in tuxedos for a festive, warm treat! Photo by Dalal Photography; From Real Wedding: Holiday Wedding with Woodsy Winter Décor Elements

12. Pecan Pies

pecan pies at wedding dessert table

Southern brides may find themselves torn between cake and pecan pie. Satisfy your craving with bite-size mini pies that guests will absolutely love! Couples may also choose to serve pumpkin pie or another seasonal favorite during a fall wedding. Photo by Vue Photography; From Real Wedding: Destination Rustic Fall Wedding at a Farm in North Carolina

13. Milkshake + Cookies

milkshake with cookies wedding dessert ideas late night snack

The presentation here is to die for, and the delicious combination of cookies and milkshakes couldn't be sweeter. Photo by KingenSmith; From Real Wedding: Opulent Chicago Wedding with Elaborate Décor & Entertainment

14. Candy Bar

Candy Bar in Shades of Purple dessert table

The candy bar trend took off awhile ago and for candy lovers, it is still going strong. Fill glass jars of different sizes with your favorite candies and provide take-home boxes and bags for guests. Photo by Berit Bizjak Photography; From Real Wedding: Wedding with Purple Modern Details at a Chateau in New Jersey

15. Doughnut Wall

Donut Wall dessert ideas that aren't cake

Perfectly suited for weddings or large events are doughnuts since they come in a variety of different flavors. From a doughnut wall to beautiful tiered stands on a dessert bar filled with multiple desserts including donuts, the options are endless. Photo by Simone Photography; Planning & Design by Mindy Weiss Party Consultants; From Real Wedding: Tropical Destination Wedding at a Beach House in Cabo San Lucas

16. Lemon Bars

Lemon Bars on Cake Stand dessert ideas

Evoke nostalgic memories of bake sales with this sweet-and-sour treat. Lemon bars are light enough to not bog down your loved ones and keep them from dancing, but delicious enough that they won’t feel cheated out of dessert. The fresh flavor is a delightful match for a summer wedding. Photo by Yvette Roman Photography; From Real Wedding: All-White Wedding at a Beach Club in Santa Monica, California 

17. Parfaits

real wedding photo in chicago yogurt and berry multiple layer tier parfait red berries and yogurt

This layered dessert can feature customized ingredients to match the color scheme of your wedding. The alternating patterns of a parfait with multiple tiers of yogurt, fresh fruits, and various toppings will make it a beautiful dessert option. Photo by Bob & Dawn Davis Photography; From Real Wedding: A Dream Winter Wedding at The Art Institute of Chicago

18. Ice Cream Sundae Bar

The Breakers' Famous Ice Cream Sundae

Perfect for summer weddings, consider setting up a sundae bar complete with different flavors of ice cream, fun toppings and fresh fruit, and delicious sauces in many flavors such as chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and more to tantalize your guests' taste buds. Photo by Lauren + Abby Ross; Planning & Design by Posh Parties; Venue & Catering: The Breakers; From Real Wedding: Tropical Winter Wedding at The Breakers in Palm Beach

So even if you don't want to have a traditional cake at your wedding, your wedding guests don't have to be deprived of dessert! Consider all of the delicious dessert ideas mentioned above, or have a dessert table overflowing with these wedding desserts, as well as a variety of wedding cakes to match your wedding theme! Do what's best for you and your wedding day – and don't worry about having traditional wedding cakes if that's not how you envision the sweets at your wedding reception.

For more wedding cake and wedding dessert ideas, discover how to serve donuts at your wedding, gather ideas on serving pie at your wedding, and see cake ideas for popular wedding themes for the ultimate wedding reception!

Opening photo by Koman Photography; Planning & Design by Tessa Lyn Events; An Outdoor Wedding with a Tropical + Garden Design in Beverly Hills