15 Detail Shots to Include in Your Wedding Album

From the invitation to your "something blue," you'll want these photos to be captured.

When it comes to the images captured of your wedding day, your photographer likely has an idea of the types of shots you'll want in your wedding album: your "first look" – should you choose to have one, your first kiss as husband and wife, the first dance, as well as all of the décor you worked so hard to plan. With the busy timeline of the day, some details – such as the invitation you spent weeks deciding on and other seemingly small details – can get left on the back burner. All of these elements helped to create your special day, so it's important to have them featured in your album.

Of course making sure you get photographs with the family members you rarely see, shots of the bridal party all dressed up as well as getting ready, and the rest of the must-have images are important; however, what will really allow you and future generations to experience the day all over again when looking through your album are those smaller elements that worked together to make your wedding what it was! On their own, they may seem minute, but they help to tell the story of your nuptials, and it's important to stress to your photographer that you want them captured on camera. 

While you'll likely have other must-have photos on your shot list, take a look at 15 detail shots you don't want to have your photographer miss, below! Since every couple has their own story, there may be other details not on this list that you want to have on film, and it's up to you to commuunicate this with your photographer.

1. Invitations
Wedding detail shot photography invitation suite
Photo by Patricia Lyons Photography; Invitations by Nico and Lala

2. Bridal Shoes
Christian Louboutin sheer sparkly wedding shoes wedding detail shot photography
Photo by Amy Anaiz Photography

3. Engagement Ring & Wedding Ring
Up close photo of engagement ring and wedding rings wedding detail shot photography
Photo by KingenSmith; Planning & Design by Hope Weis Consulting

4. Other Jewelry Pieces
Emerald and diamond earrings jewelry wedding detail shots
Photo by Samuel Lippke Studios; Planning & Design by International Event Company

5. Garter
White lace garter with light blue ribbon wedding detail shot photography
Photo by Jana Williams Photography

6. "Something Blue"
Something blue heart sewn into wedding dress wedding detail shot photography
Photo by Walters & Walters

7. Wedding Bouquet
Up close shot of bouquet white flowers and succulents wedding detail shot photography
Photo by Vue Photography

8. Boutonnieres
White boutonniere on birch bark wedding detail shot photography
Photo by Laurie Bailey Photography; Planning & Design by Ilana Ashley Events

9. Men's Accessories
Pink bow tie and cuff links wedding detail shot photography
Photo by Karlisch Photography; Planning & Design by DFW Events

10. Welcome Signage
Close up shot of welcome sign wedding detail shot photography
Photo by Next Exit Photography; Planning & Design by Ilana Ashley Events; Venue: Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows

11. Signature Drinks
Signature drinks on tray at wedding reception wedding detail shot photography
Photo by Bob & Dawn Davis Photography

12. Cocktail Napkins & Extras
Close up of cocktail napkins and straws at reception wedding detail shot
Photo by Briana Moore Photography

13. Escort Cards
Close up shot of escort card and key at reception wedding detail shot photography
Photo by Todd Pelowe Photography; Planning & Design by Viva Bella Events

14. Dinner Menu
Wedding menu close up shot wedding detail shot photography
Photo by Vue Photography

15. Additional Signage
Wedding wood sign at reception wedding detail shot photography
Photo by Tec Petaja; Floral Design by Amaryllis Inc.; Planning & Design by SoCo Events

For more tips, learn how to help your photographer capture all of your detail shots and find other ways to make sure they get everything you want in your wedding album.

Authored by: Kelcy Christy

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