18 Non-Alcoholic Beverages for Wedding Guests of All Ages

From iced tea to milkshakes, there are plenty of ways to showcase delicious beverages without booze.

Perhaps you're having a dry wedding, or you're looking for some additional beverage options for loved ones – especially children – that don't drink alcohol. Even if you're skipping the signature cocktails, wine, and beer, there are still plenty of ways to serve non-alcoholic beverages in a stylish way... You just have to be creative.

Large glass dispensers filled with flavored water, lemonade, or iced tea are great for ceremony beverages. Cocktail hours and receptions, on the other hand, may require a more refined presentation in order to live up to your beverage expectations. Try adding a black-and-white striped straw to a glass of sparkling water or soda featuring fresh raspberries or mint leaves for additional flavor. Create a mocktail by filling a Champagne flute with pink lemonade accented with a fresh mint or basil leaf and a tantalizing sugar rim. For dessert, kids and adults will love chocolate and vanilla milkshakes, or hot coffee served with a powdered donut. 

Don't let your inhibitions get in the way. If you've seen a really great cocktail or beverage station on InsideWeddings.com or around the web on your favorite image-sharing sites, consider how you can alter the ingredients or presentation to work for beverages without alcohol. If you like the look of buckets of beer, fill a rustic-style bucket with rootbeer, bottled water, sparkling lemonade, or flavored sodas. If you found some crystal wine goblets that you love, fill them with cool water and garnish with rosebuds. The options are endless. For more drink inspiration, visit our image gallery!

Authored by: Kelcy Christy