3 Rules for Getting Great Video Clips of Guests

A professional take on capturing the best guest results.

3 Rules for Getting Great Video Clips of Guests

Photo: Images by Berit, Inc.

The most important and beautiful shots for a wedding video, besides those of the bride and groom, are shots of their friends and family members. Though the canvas of the day is woven together with shots of the setting, the décor, and the details, it is the images of people that touch your heart and create a memorable, emotion- filled video. The best shots are of guests when they are smiling, laughing and truly enjoying themselves at the wedding, including spirited close-ups of the couple’s loved ones. With that said, and having filmed literally hundreds of weddings, we know that some weddings are slightly more fun for guests than others. In this article, we’d like to share a few tips that we have found can help make your wedding truly enjoyable.

The importance of timing cannot be overstated. Having the wedding and its related events, especially the ceremony, happen in a timely manner is key. Ideally, the guests arrive, sign the guest book, spend a little time mingling before taking their seats, and then the ceremony begins. As you are getting dressed, keep in mind that when the ceremony start time runs late, the guests have probably been seated quietly for a very long time. While they were very excited and in good spirits when they arrived, this energy naturally fades after sitting and waiting for an extended time. The guests begin to look uncomfortable, bored and impatient, and when the doors finally open for the processional, the overall collective vibe of the guests may not a happy one.

Not only do events need to begin on time, they also need to take an appropriate amount of time. This ensures a good flow for the event and keeps the party upbeat, exciting and fun. The cocktail hour should be no more than an hour, given that this is usually a standing situation and most people are eager to enter the reception room and find a seat after that amount of time. Conversely, don’t leave your guests sitting for long stretches of time, either. For example, with a very long dinner service, your guests may tire of talking solely to the people sitting next to them and may grow restless. Avoid this situation by having fewer dinner courses, serving buffet style, or simply having dancing between courses. Also consider greeting guests at their tables between courses instead of holding a receiving line. These, and other thoughtful efforts, will help keep the party moving along so there are not too many lulls in the excitement.

Keeping your guests comfortable is also important for their mood. Nothing kills a party quicker than guests who are uncomfortable, and it can easily be prevented. If you are planning an outdoor event, make sure that you keep your guests from melting in the sun or from being stuck outside when it is too cold, particularly if the duration is longer than thirty minutes. Though you certainly can’t control the weather, there are many things you can do to keep the surroundings pleasant for your loved ones, such as providing heat lamps when it’s chilly and umbrellas or other adequate shade when it’s sunny. If you can’t be sure what the weather will bring, have both shade and warmth options to prepare for any condition. When guests are physically comfortable, they are free to focus on having fun.

Taking just a few extra steps in your planning process will result in a delightful experience for everyone, and a video that reflects the joy shared with your friends and family.

Opening photograph by Images by Berit, Inc.